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January 16, 2019, 08:17:36 PM
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Werner Hampel

because the Like Mod does not work correctly, i installed a new Mod called Rates Mod.
You now can see at the end of every Post that two Signs: like and thanks
You can now honor a Post, which helped you or you like with
+1 Point for like
+2 Points for thanks or
+3 Points for both like  thanks

Sorry for loosing all valued Points of the past for "Thank you mod" or "Likes mod", that is really sad.
But that Rates mods didnĀ“t work well or had a security Problem.

Now everything works well. :yesyesyes:

This New Mod is much better visible. I hope you use it a lot  :blumen:

PS: In the list of members, you can now see who has been most favorably rated.
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