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January 05, 2019, 09:34:16 PM
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        Can someone help me please with some tips on CS8. I'm new with Staubli.
1. How can I run in manual mode only one program? Let's say pick part.
If I run the application, I have may other calls until my subprogram. Should  I create a new application and call only that program?

I have a controller with Applicom board for Profinet. I manage to create the communication, to split in bits and bytes the tags of xml file.
2. Can you please tell me how to link a "num" type to physical board? to have it in the PLC. Like analog?

3. Can I have local points (with coordinates and configuration)? To use them in movement instructions.

4. How to pulse an digital output?

5. If I have many products types. Which is the best way to call the programs? Can I select applications for each product? I have a PLC to manage the robot, maybe someone can share how to start in remote the robot. All the external inputs/outputs.

Thank You!

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January 08, 2019, 03:07:47 PM
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Hello Casius,

welcome to the world of Stäubli robots.

1. On the controller you can go to "Application manager" and while your cursor is on the application, press "F2" (Cmd.) there you can type some commands. In your case you can type "call pick()" (if pick is the name of your program to call)
2. It is not possible to link a num to an IO. You need to use aio variables to link numeric IOs. Then you can use aioGet() and aioSet() to read and write on the fieldbus.
3. Yes, but as they are local they are destroyed after the program ends. So you need to rewrite them every time.
Code: [Select]
until false
5. I would recommend you to work with one main application and then for each product one application which are going to be used by the main one as libraries.


January 08, 2019, 03:42:23 PM
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Hello Psyril,
Thank you very much for the solutions. Can I ask some more:D?
1. Can I run a program step by step? One movement and robot will stop until I press move.
2. Where can I see the point coordinates and the arm configuration? And to "force" the robot to keep the arm configuration I have to save with "change configuration=yes"? I seen that on linear move it can go in different configuration but in the same point.
3. Can I edit a program in debug mode? When the application is running.

Thank you!

January 09, 2019, 07:53:06 AM
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Hi Casius,

  • As long as you do step by step in the debug, your movements are going to be step by step too.
  • You can see the point coordinates if you edit a point. It doesn't matter if it is a linear move, a joint move or a circular move, the arm can use different configurations in all cases. This strongly depends on what is written in the config part of a point variable. So, yes, if you want to force the configuration the robot has at the moment of teaching the points, you have to choose "change configuration=yes".
  • Yes, but you can't add or remove lines (just un/comment them). Other then that you can basically change anything.
Best regards
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