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 Using Kinect with PcDuino?

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March 17, 2014, 10:40:24 PM
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I'm a newbie to microprocessors; I've previously used Arduinos to control robots. I'm working on a project where a Kinect sensor would work as a 3D range sensor, and send point cloud data to microprocessor (pcduino, for example), which would process this data to detect obstacles etc. I have a system working on a PC where I use "Processing" IDE with openni drivers to collect point cloud information, which I then process using Matlab (can also be done using C++), to detect obstacles. I want to deploy such a system on a robot where the pcduino would do the work of a laptop - sense obstacles as well as control the robot. Also, since pcduino can host ubuntu, the entire system on my laptop can be ported to this, with the necessary changes.

So my question is, has anyone used such a system before? Are there any limitations to the pcduino's hardware that would prevent kinect's integration with it? Also, I'm not too picky about the board I wanna use; it's just that collecting point cloud information needs a GPU to run the openni drivers, which the pcduino has. Can anyone guess if such combination would work (or fail)? I searched online but the closest thing I found was this which uses a RasPi with Asus xtion, and does not elaborate on anything else.

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