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 Line tracking Problem

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November 08, 2013, 08:20:58 AM
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I'm new in this forum because i have a problem.
For now we've got a project running in our school.
We have a Fanuc Robot and we use a camera to locate an object on a conveyer.
My question is: What do i have to do so the robot can catch the object on any place on the conveyer.
For now we've succeeded that the robot can catch the object in the middle of the conveyer. But not if the object is placed more to the left.
Can someone help us out ?

Many thanks


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November 08, 2013, 10:16:39 PM
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Typically picking from a conveyor includes a mix of factors:

Encoder to be able to synchronize the robot movement with the conveyor belt.

Artificial vision cameras to get the position and orientation (if needed) of the part or some mechanical devices to ensure the parts will always be placed in the right position.

Without those things it is really difficult to get a part from a conveyor.

Once you have the AV it will be really easy to get the part.

Good luck!

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November 09, 2013, 11:21:26 PM
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Yeah, all those things are possible.
Whe uses a XC-56 camera. So I guess this is possible.
The problem is: Can you help me to make that part of the program ?
Or is it kind of long ?

November 10, 2013, 11:04:27 AM
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It will be long and now I'm overworked, but anyway, you are interested on getting the position of the part, and then using the robot library to follow parts on the conveyor, pick it, divide the problem in a few stages:

1. Learn how to send data from the camera to the robot (ethernet, serial...).
2. Getting xyzabc from the part using the camera..
3. Learn how to follow the conveyor with the robot. Change speeds to ensure you are doing a proper flying saw.
4. Make the programming following robot's instructions when you are following a conveyor and using as starting point the info from the camera.

With that you should be ok.

Good luck.

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November 11, 2013, 08:37:06 AM
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1. Check
2. No Check
3. Check
4. Check

So the problem is at step 2

So the data is send to a visionregister.
But now i have to get the X-coordinate out of the visionregister.
How do i do that ?
So that the robot can see it's moved to left or the right on the conveyer.
That's the mayor problem.

September 24, 2015, 06:17:23 PM
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#1 X direction in a visual line track application MUST be the direction of the conveyor. (Uframe)

#2 you must set trig command when you find it the part to track it.

that being said

r[10] is now the X value of vr[1]

now for the we cant find the part if it is more left.
can you see the part in the picture or is it out of the view of the camera?
is your search window open all the way (640x480)?
if the camera can not see the part, raise the camera and re calibrate
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April 03, 2017, 08:45:37 AM
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My class and I are following the curriculum for VEX IQ and are attempting to do the simple line tracking. We cannot get our IQ's to track a line at all. We are using track line left and the robot just keeps turning left. It doesn't matter if we start completely over the line or over the left edge of the line, still just turns left. We have tried getting the greyscale values for white and black, adding them together and dividing by 2 to set the first dropdown box as well as changed the turn values to 50 & 40. Still doesn't work. Please tell me what I am missing here?

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April 03, 2017, 10:56:04 AM
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Fabian Munoz


You post is completely out of the scope of this thread.  If you have any questions use the proper forum.

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