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 Iinverse kinematics problem

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June 29, 2018, 04:41:47 PM
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one man

Perhaps someone will be interested in this way of solving the inverse kinematics problem. This applies both to platforms and to manipulators with any number of links and any number of degrees of freedom.
The idea is to lead the kinematics of manipulators mathematically to the kinematics of link mechanisms with one degree of freedom. This is achieved by imposing additional geometric relationships to obtain unambiguous values of the control parameters of the direct problem.

Implemented in the Maple environment. More detailed information can be obtained from the links. The last reference to the universal method of kinematic analysis of spatial and planar link mechanisms with any number of degrees of freedom. Published in the applications center of MapleSoft.

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one man

Manipulator model: 5 degrees of freedom due to kind of connections +1 degree of freedom - variable length of the last link.
This example demonstrates the presence of 6 degrees of freedom and the possibility of a very simple and at the same time
universal method of inverse kinematics.
Yellow and red dots are connected by the line of intersection:
(x-1) ^ 4 + (y-3) ^ 4 + (z-0.5) ^ 4 - 2 ^ 4 = 0;
  x ^ 2 + (y-1.5) ^ 2 + z ^ 2 - 2.4 ^ 2 = 0;

And a bit more:
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