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 thermo CRS F3 with C500C controller help terminal without crs software

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March 01, 2019, 03:55:02 AM
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hello i am pretty brand new to robotic arms.   i have a new to me  thermo CRS F3 robotic arm with a CRS  C500C controller.   I am trying to get a copy of any of the three thermo CRS softwares.     I am looking for the following titles.    CRS RAPL-3; CRS RobComm3; or CRS ActiveRobot.
     Failing that i believe that the robot can be operated thru the controller with a serial terminal.    Unfortunately  i am  lost after that.   I have PUTTY installed on a linux ubuntu .   but i have no idea how to operate it.    I think i need to have some information about what serial information the CRS system operates on.   i have the default terminal requirements from a CRS user guide about baud rate etc.  But i don't know enough to know what to do with the info.   maybe a start would be which serial port the CRS C500C communicates on
If anyone has any experience with the  Thermo CRS robots  i am interested.   
my little old robot has the following problems

The controller boots up with no error messages,  but the listed correct boot up is supposed to finish with " CRS CROS OK"   mine fiishes the boot with "CRS CROS"  so the "ok" is missing

The teach pendant buttons click as they are supposed to, but the pendant's LCD screen is blank.

The controller "arm power" button will not light up.   This may be a serios problem,  or it may the power up may have been turned off in the software by the last user.   

the arm is getting some power at least the manual brake release buttons are working.

so again if there is a CRS F3 operator out there i could really use some help


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