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 KUKA and Leoni TCP

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February 12, 2019, 10:14:54 PM
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Hi, guys

I have installed Leoni TCP controllers 120x120 and 240x240 mm on my KUKA KRC4 robot for milling.

But tool coordinates after measurement are incorrect.

Anybody solve this?

I installed controller and made a program according to LEONI manual.

But in a result I have this:

On 16 mm tool

On 52 mm tool

Lenght of the tool is incorrect.

When I used physical method - come with milling tool to the detail, mill and measure - I got correct points is:

425.4840   -253.3140   332.6200   -30.6600   89.9900   0.0000

so compare:

425.4840   -253.3140   332.6200   -30.6600   89.9900   0.0000
420,96   -250,3   328,46   -30,98   0,5   -179,74
420,79   -250,34   328,62   -30,72   -0,21   -179,8
420,73   -250,31   328,52   -30,72   -0,24   -179,85

425.4840   -253.3140   332.6200   -30.6600   89.9900   0.0000
420,4   -248,66   328,26   -30,69   -0,18   -179,84
419,93   -249,42   328,33   -30,66   -0,26   -179,89
419,94   -249,36   328,37   -30,65   -0,27   -179,84

They measure, makes corrections during measuring, no errors. All three measurements are successful and give results 0.01-0.02

Yellow line - real coordinates, and below - result of measurement

For 35 mm tool

For 16 mm tool

Any minds?

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February 13, 2019, 03:15:11 PM
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Leoni Advintech, or something else?

What portion of the tool are you measuring?  It's known that the Advintech cannot measure ball-nose type tools at the tip -- the ideal tool for the Advintech is a flat-tipped cylinder.  Even a flat-tipped end mill is not a very good measurement target, because the flutes can distort the shape that the Advintech's lasers "see." 

The Advintech's ideal "target" is a perfect, flat-ended cylinder (no taper), and has a certain minimum diameter.

IIRC, there was a "dodge" to try measuring a flat end mill while the tool was rotating, to make the tool more apparently cylindrical, but that's not a 100% solution.

Also, when I did repeatability testing on the Advintech a few years ago, the repeatability was not all that great, even using an ideal target tool.  I don't have access to the test results anymore, but I recall variances close to 0.1mm pretty regularly.

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