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 KUKA 13040 fault error reading bas_cs_api.xml

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February 08, 2019, 06:53:26 AM
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Hello readers,
We are using a KUKA KR 90 R3100 extra HA with the KRC4.
We also use KUKA.Sim pro 3.

We started to programming offline in KUKA.Sim Pro. We copied only the .src and .dat files of the program to an USB-stick.
These files we paste in the KRC4 in the correct directory.

Everything worked fine, after we restart the krc4 with the main switch on the cabinet.
After we changed a couple of robot movements and save this again on the usb-stick with a different name, and paste these files in the directory in the KRC4, we restart the KRC4 by using the SmartPAD.

In the shutdown-menu, the next things are selected:
starttype --> Cold start

We want to restart the KRC, so the files were recognized and could be selected.
After we pushed Instand actions --> Reboot control PC we get an error code KSS 13040 Error reading file  bas_cm_api.xml

I've read something it can have a relation with the installed Profinet on the KRC. We installed Profinet nexxt.
I can't find the file bas_cm_api.xml anywhere. And after restarting the KRC with the main switch on the cabinet, the error still there.

The robot and the programs on the robots are still working, but I really want to fix this error.

I hope someone knows how to fix this and can share the solution with me.
Thanks in advance.


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