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 KRC2 with Active Contact Flange for Sanding

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June 22, 2015, 07:16:10 PM
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Hello Forum,

Has anybody every used an Active Contact Flange paired with a a random orbital sander? I am sanding a car fender. Does any one have an recommendations for speed and force in newtons?

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June 06, 2019, 09:32:22 PM
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Do you mean by random orbital sander an eccentrically rotated sander powered by air? Then Yes.

Hello I work for an automobile manufacturer, and teaching Sanding robots that do sanding Primer coat for over 3 years.
 * I do sand Primer coat with thickness around 30um(Bended edges have more of the coating and Sharp edges have less of the coating).
 * I do secure quality for visual long and short waves(Depends on the Cycle-Time provided).
 * My other responsibility is to rid of scratches, sanded off Edges, over-sanded Places, keep the Cycle-Time as is set and have almost every place on my car body sanded by robot.
 * I do sand with a sander P400.

My answer is aimed for Primer coat sanding with sander P400 and Primer coat thickness 30um:

 * For electrically rotated sander is good speed 550 or 0.55 with 7000 RPM and line overlay 1/3(While sanding Straight surface) of the interface pad.
 * * Advanced quality.
 * For air rotated sander is good speed 400-450 or 0.4-0.45 and line overlay 1/3(While sanding Straight surface) of the interface pad.
 * * Between Advanced and Basic quality.

Well and the question what force should you use? There is on big problem... Active Contact Flange has its sensor in the middle so only place where it guarantees you that you get your Force is in the middle... So...

 * I do recommend to use force 40N - 50N when we talk about straight surface right? Heh :)

But I know you are not sanding a plain surface on your car fender... Well you need to be tricky but that requires a lot of experience.

I wish I could show you personally how to deal with almost all edges on your car fender. Because parts like these are the most trickier one to teach.
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