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 Another (V)KRC2 to KRC2 thread

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March 17, 2019, 09:39:26 AM
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Hello, this is my first post here. I have read the forum for years with great interest and found many helpful tips. Hopefully some of  You can help me with my problem.

First about my background - We have a Kuka KR210 with KRC2 ed05 controller that we use for 3d milling and trimming operations. We have all the necessary manuals and mastering tool and have used the robot almost daily over the last three years. Our robot is fine the problem is with another robot(s).

We have good friends at a local educational science center and they fell in love with our robot. Now they managed to buy two similar used robots for themselves. The idea is to have them simply moving around slowly to be like dynamic statues, so basic teach-in programming would be fine.

The problem is that although I specifically said that the robot should have KRC2 Ed05 controller they ended up with VKRC2 controllers. We replaced the backup batteries, cloned a missing harddrive for one robot from the other and got both of them up and running without errors. Manual jogging works perfectly. However there is no possibility to switch the user account, there are no cd-s or usb keys with the robot as well and I believe one of these is necessary to switch VKRC user accounts.

Since they rely on my help to get these robots doing something I will try to do everything that's possible but I'm stuck at the moment and maybe someone can guide me to the right direction.

The robots are KR210 S C2 FLR ZH210 models vith (V) KRC 2 controllers. I think they have been upgraded at some point because they now have 256 MB of memory (originally 128MB), 733Mhz Celeron processor, Soyo SY-7VBA133K motherboard and they also run on Windows XP with system software V5.4.10 HF13. The Control PC-s have MFC 2 cards with DSE-IBS 3.02 and some Fiberoptic Interbus cards for some gripper that the robots had in their previous workplace.

At first I thought that maybe we could get them "doing stuff" with the current software but as I know very little about VKRC controllers I thought about converting them to regular KRC-s as some sources said that it shouldn't be too complicated.

First I cloned the Harddrive of our own robot because the robot models are identical. Our robots have system software V5.4.14 and PC with 2Ghz Celeron processor, Fujitsu motherboard and 256 MB of ram.

When I booted the VKRC robot with our regular KRC2 software it loaded nicely. Of course there were some errors like "DSE file krc2.bin not available" "DSE 1 program boot up failure" and "Safety circuit for drives not ready".

The safety harness was made according to VW XS2 standard and it works with the original software. With KRC2 ed05 software the safety relais are also working when i push the emergency stop on the pendant.

I  also rebuilt the pendant mode selector switch and with the new software i could see that the modes changed from T1 to AUTO.

As I read that the DSE errors are connected to the MFC card I borrowed a MFC3 card with DSE IBS-C33 and installed it to the VKRC2 computer. I also reinstalled the KRC2 5.4.14 software and checked that all the new hardware was recognised correctly by windows and the network addresses were as they should be (I could compare the settings  with our own working robot).

The problem is now that while with the old MFC card the Kuka software booted up with errors but with the correct MFC3 - IBS C33 combo it doesn't go past the 10% loading and then jumps back to kuka Cross3. I tried reseating the card in different PCI slots, of course i had removed the old MFC2 card and interbus cards. I also installed kuka software again and again with different settings but the result is always the same - software loads to 10% and quits.

When I compare our own robot with the VKRC robot the main difference that i can see is that our robot USES CI3 extended board and from there a cable goes to the MFC3 cards MFC3/X2 connector. Since the VKRC robot deosn't have a CI3 bioard but something older it is also missing the said cable.

Can anyone recommend any further actions.

If the MFC3/X2 connector is what's stopping the loading process is it possible to make a cable that connects the card to the older CI board? I have the electrical diagram of the VKRC robots as well all manuals for our KRC2 ed05 robot but since I don't want to burn down the loaner MFC3 card I ask before i do anything (the MFC3 card itself is working, I checked it in our own robot).

If this is not the way to go then is there a possibility to get older regular KRC2 system software from kuka that runs well with just the MFC2 card? From forum posts it seems like a no-no. The last possibility is  to GET the VKRC system itself working. I could probably get help from some specialists who could program some PLC to start the VKRC system but the issue that I cannot change the user account is bugging me as most of the settings are unavailable and i'm not even sure that i could make new programs ( I have the VKRL programming manual for reference).

Sorry for the long text. I have many pictures of of the robots cabinets if that would help with anything, but at the moment hopefully someone has some suggestions as what to do next. I would prefer the KRC2 conversion but anything goes. If it were a commercial project I wouldn't touch it, but because of the educational purpose I want to be sure that i have tried all the options. The owners of the robots have tried contacting some local specialists as well but they didn't want anything to do with it (i understand why  :) ). If You guys say that this is a hopeless project then this is also an answer and at least we can start exploring other options.

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March 18, 2019, 09:08:14 AM
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Hello, MFC3 card wont work on SOYO motherboard on KRC2... you can try and take only DSE-IBS C33 from MFC3 and put it on MFC2 card... I did this on couple of robots and it worked...

March 18, 2019, 10:17:42 AM
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Well this is a difficult one. I have 3 vkrc2 that are converted to normal krc2 and the only thing we did was change the harddrive's with harddrive's kuka had prepared for us. The thing is we are running an older kss, 4.97 to be exact and still running windows 95.

It is probably the simplest solution to ask kuka for a price if you dont mind reverting back to an older kss and windows 95.
Every problem has a solution, that isn't the problem. The problem is the solution.

March 18, 2019, 10:59:14 AM
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Because his running windows XP and KSS v5.4, DSE-IBS C33 should be on MFC2 and at least 256MB...

March 18, 2019, 11:59:50 AM
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I have vkrc2 control with win95
What i need to convert it
1) to krc2 with win95
2) to krc2 ed05 winxp
Is krc2 better than vkrc2 ?

March 18, 2019, 10:07:56 PM
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Thank You DannyDJ. I replaced the DSE card and indeed the robot works now with our software. There was only one type of error "Error on writing , driver: MFCDRV" and "Error on reading, driver: MFCDRV", but i could do almost anything with the robot despite the error. Only thing missing was the possibility to run a program in Auto mode, despite it running perfectly in T1 mode. But i'll try to deal with it another day. Thanks again :)

March 19, 2019, 11:52:43 AM
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For the MFC error... check in iosys.ini file if you have
Code: [Select]
;MFC=0,mfcEntry,mfcdrv.o this line enabled? if Yes then make a comment...

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March 20, 2019, 09:32:16 AM
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The line in IOsys .ini was commented but this didn't erase the error. I reinstalled Kuka software without any extra options and got the robot running perfectly without any errors. Thank You so much for all the help.

So from my experience the steps to get a regular KRC2 robot from a VKRC2 are the following:

* Make a safety harness for the XS2 port according to kuka manuals
* Modify the mode selector switch of the control Pendant
* Replace the older DSE card with DSE IBS-C33
* Install regular kuka software


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