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 15066, Level at Mastering Reference Switch Unexpectedly low

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June 14, 2019, 06:45:20 PM
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KRC4, Kss 8.3.39, SafeOperation 3.2.4

I've set up my Mastering Reference switch, as usual, but whenever I try running MasRef_Main, once the robot gets to the switch, I get 15066, followed about 3sec later by 15065.  So far, I've checked:

1.  MasRef position in MasRef_User, and in the safety config, both match
2.  Both lights on the switch go dark when the robot reaches MasRef position.  And when the robot is NOT at MasRef, the lights are on steady.
3.  If I monitor the Safety Inputs, I can see both the A and B channels go from 1 to 0 when the robot reaches MasRef position -- the only odd thing is that there's a 2-3sec lag between when the sensor is physically tripped, and when the Inputs display updates
4.  If I deliberately trip just the A or B, I can see that channel change state by itself, and generate a single-channel fault
5.  Safety Global Config has Mastering Test Input set to "Cabinet", and the sensor is cabled to X42
6.  Made sure the MasRef switch is clear for 10 minutes before trying MasRef_Main

I'm a bit stumped.  I've re-taught the MasRef position a few times, with the same results.  If I deliberately alter the position in MasRef_User without updating the Safety Config MasRef, I get the "Failed to reach Mastering Position" error instead.

When I've encountered this error in the past, it was always either bad wiring, or metallic debris on the MasRef sensor, and the message would op at the beginning of MasRef_Main, not after the robot reached MasRef position.

My final motion in to MasRef position is slow (big, high-inertia end effector), but I've used lower speeds in the past without having this happen. 

Everything else in the Safety Config tests out -- my cell perimeter, my safe zones, my tool.  I've tested jogging the tool into the zone boundaries and I get the usual "zone violated" messages.  The only thing that doesn't work is the MasRef test.

The only other odd thing on this robot is that it will randomly throw error 13007, "SYS-X48 Remote Connection to EtherCat Bus Active".  But that doesn't occur at the same time as the MasRef errors -- it just seems to randomly come and go.  This robot doesn't have any EtherCat modules added, so the only thing on the SYS-X48 bus are the CIB, SIB-STD, and SIB-EXT.

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June 14, 2019, 07:35:15 PM
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I found your error message number in the SafeOperation Manual for V3.1, pg. 145.

  • Errors: 15065 / 15066
  • Cause: "The reference switch is actuated although no mastering test is currently being carried out"
  • Remedy: "Check the reference switch and exchange if defective"

You may just be experiencing a slightly defective switch!

June 14, 2019, 10:18:43 PM
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If it's a defective switch, I have no idea how -- every test I've tried on works exactly as expected.

The only thing in the switch's behavior that strikes me as odd is the strange 2-3sec lag between the moment the switch is tripped, and when the Safety Inputs update on the pendant display.  I was simply chalking that up to a slow refresh on the display, but if there is anything weird in the switch that is delaying when the inputs are "seen" by the KRC4... hm.  But that should give me a different error.  Probably 15052.

June 17, 2019, 01:05:10 PM
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It was fairly stupid, but also really easy to trip over.  The way I was testing MasRef was the issue -- I had not set up my return path yet, so when I was running MasRefMain, the robot was stopping physically at the MasRef position.  And that was causing the issue.

Apparently, when MasRefMain changes $MASTERINGTEST_GROUP to 0, the robot needs to move away from the sensor (far enough to break contact) within a short time window, or this fault message will occur.

Now, if everyone will excuse me, I'm going to go wipe the egg off my face....   :party1: :uglyhammer2: :grinning-smiley: :icon_redface:

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