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 [b]Connection kuka.Simpro and kuka.Officelite failed, need help !!![/b]

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May 22, 2019, 08:57:20 PM
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I have kuka.Simpro 3.0.4 and kuka.OfficeLite installed on the same pc. During the installation of kuka.OfficeLite I was asked to choose the robot type but as I did not find the model of my robot (KR 6 R700 sixx) in the list I chose the KR 6 R900 sixx for finalize the installation.

1.After the installation I launch both application to establish the connection, but each time when I put the name of the windows that runs on the VMware in Kuka.Simpro I receive the error "Failed to creator VRC manager".

2. By the way I have a KR 6 R900 sixx interface that starts on VMware when I run the Sart-up of the pendant that is in OfficeLite.
what should I do???

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May 27, 2019, 09:53:01 AM
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It is not that important that you didn't find the correct robot during installation. What you need to do is follow the installation instructions and install VRC Manager - this is done on the virtual pendant: Start> Additional software>New... When you have the VRC Manager running shut down the robot - so that only VRC Manager is ON. In sim Pro click connect, enter the domain name of the VMWare machine (make sure you can ping between real and virtual machine) and when there is a connection you can pick the type of robot (configuation) to boot.

June 02, 2019, 08:46:37 PM
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Thank you for the feedback
it works but I still can not find the type of my robot among the configuration (KR 6 R700), how to do?

how to transfer the generate code to the officeLite in the robot's physical controller?

June 03, 2019, 12:31:34 PM
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panic mode

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not sure about SimPro but ... when setting up OfficeLite, robot selection may be limited to robots that use standard controller (which is what OffieLite template starts with). [/size]Agilus robot is using different controller hardware (KRC4 compact or KRC4 smallsize). This means to make a change, one need to use WorkVisual to create new project with Agilus specific controller hardware. then one should just deploy and activate project.note creating WoV project from scratch is still a bit involved as not everything is generated automatically.once you have OfficeLite working with correct robot and VRC manager is installed... it is time to try connecting SimPro to OfficeLite.
1) http://www.robot-forum.com/robotforum/kuka-robot-forum/read-first/
2) if you want reply about robot, post it in forum
3) read 1 and 2

June 10, 2019, 08:30:26 AM
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There are quite a few KR 6 700 robots in the configurations for VKRC (from sim pro) Just add the robot and when you are asked for a configuration scroll quite a bit down, I don't know which version you are using but there are configurations in 3.1. When you select the configuration, the controller in the virtual machine boots up and you can use generate and load.

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