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FRI Joint Overlay
« on: April 09, 2018, 11:29:38 AM »
Hello everyone,

I have got an "excellent" working connection between the FRI client and the controller.

My task is now to overlay joint positions sent to the controller by the client. I wish to control the robot using a joystick on the client side. That is, the robot remains stationary and will only start moving to its new overlaid positions when I move the joystick which int turn sends the commands through the client.  I can figure out how to convert joystick positions to joint positions of the robot and send it. 

Since I am planning to define the entire motion using the client without defining the motion in the workbench, my problem is to know how to set the overlay in the Workbench. Since I do not have an original programmed path, where can the user set an overlay so that the robot moves to its new commanded position.
Would it have to be done in the CartesianImpedance mode similar to the handguiding process?

I request anyone who has an idea about this to help me with this confusion.

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