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  Unlucky line 52 - Changing the position of the robot

Author Topic:   Unlucky line 52 - Changing the position of the robot  (Read 586 times)

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November 19, 2018, 12:32:11 PM
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Dawid Firlej


I have a problem with changing the saved position of the robot. Namely, during the work the robot travel to the P10 offset, which is stored in the 52 program line as (gives only an example) LAPPRO SHIFT (hol_r [] BY pt.k_h_x_r [], pt.k_h_y_r [], pt.k_h_z_r []), and I would like to move this possition a few cm to the right.
So I'm doing the following steps
- I'm getting a robot to this position
- I click MOD / POS
- I change the robot's position
- I click Record
- I'm leaving MOD / POS

by following the above steps on the techpendant screen I receive information that line 52 has been overwritten.
In fact, line 52 has not changed at all and the robot is still reaching position P10.

I am asking you to more experienced colleagues for help in changing positions from line 52

Thank you in advance for your help
(Written with a google translator)

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November 19, 2018, 03:09:42 PM
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POS.MOD can modify the location variable in a line like:
   JMOVE #pos1  (#pos1 is modified to current position)
   JAPPRO pos1,100  (pos1 is modified to current position + 100mm in tool-z direction)

It cannot modify a position in a calculated step with SHIFT-instruction like
   JMOVE SHIFT(pos1 BY row * rowdist, col * coldist)

Also make sure you are not editting the program where you change a position. You get an unreadable message in information section of your teachpendant (Only see a '.' dot).

November 19, 2018, 11:28:53 PM
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Global Moderator
As Kawaguy stated, you can only POS MOD when your position step contains a move directly to a location reference,either Joint Displacement or a Transformation Value that is stored in the locations table (List/l).
- Therefore a 'calculated' step such as SHIFT/TRANS etc, is using real numbers for the each component of the transformation value, therefore the real number will required to be adjusted instead which the POS MOD button is not functioned for.
- By your command (a pun for those Battlestar Galactica Fans) are using real numbers in arrays, so to adjust these, you will have to adjust the real number instead.

Programmers often use this technique to prevent adjustments via the POS MOD button, but may include these variables on an IF Page for you to adjust that way.
It's a very subtle way of 'disabling' the POS MOD Button, but can introduce issues when you just want to 'change a location in X,Y,Z.
- Therefore, you would need to adjust the real number of the array element required.
- Have a look through the IF Pages, there maybe adjust areas there to input new X,Y,Z offsets.

November 20, 2018, 12:23:04 PM
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Dawid Firlej

Thank You Guys for help.

Unfortunately I do not have XYZ coordinates on IF. I would like to put them there myself. Does any of you have programming manual for Interface Panel?

Best regrads,
Dawid Firlej

November 20, 2018, 12:41:32 PM
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You can find how to set buttons on the Interface Panel in the operation manual. Can you send the backup from the robot?

November 21, 2018, 11:52:16 AM
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Dawid Firlej

The program is written by Swiss programmers and it seems to me that it is written in a chaotic way.

I solved my problem by inserting a real number directly in the Shift instruction. In any case, I want to learn how to place different variables on the IF panel and find out what the entry is for example,
5,4,1, "Tasma prawoff on", "off on", "", "", 10,0,4, 2094,2095,0

November 21, 2018, 12:04:18 PM
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Do you have the operation manual? You have the variables on IF page number 3.  Press A + Down Arrow to change the IF pages or press the Param. button in order to go to IF page number 3 according to the backup :)
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