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 Teach pendant (D-controller)

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hi Guys

Actually we have a Kawasaki robot with D-controller model (D43D-D001)
Since, two months ago, we switched the controller off and after switching on again, the controller started without any issue, but the TP did not work, after switching on/off many times, the TP finally came back to life and it was running smoothly without any problem.

Today, we switched the controller off again, and the same problem happened, we couldn't recognize the problem, we checked all harnesses and connectors.

Controller doesn't give any error, everything is OK, except the TP not light up (back light doesn't turn on) , we tried to make motor ON and press the emergency button on the TP, its working, the Deadman Button is working as well, but we cannot move the robot in teach mode, since the teach lock switch not responding and all axis buttons as well.

we opened the TP cover and we found +12 v is available.


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The teach pendant is a terminal device only.
Whether it is connected or not, there is no error related to a disconnected TP.
It is connected directly to the CPU board (1KA/1RA) via the card rack backplane (1KX) using connections X204 and X205.

Assuming that the main TP harness is ok, then have a look inside the Controller at the backplane and check/verify X204 and X205, by removing them (have a look for bent pins etc) and reseating them.

Failing that, it is possible you may have a conductor issue within the TP harness, or an issue within the TP itself.
- If you have access to an alternate TP (even an E Controller TP), you can connect this up and see if the fault repeats/vanishes.
- You could also swap the TP harness between them.....same electrical connections as an E Controller).

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