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May 15, 2019, 01:42:49 PM
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When I step through AS code on my lab robot in check once it seems to only step from move to move and flys right through any  non motion code. I would like to know how to set this so it steps through each line of code whether it is motion or some other type of instruction like A = 1    Is this possible to step through each line of code.

Similiar question when I prime the stack and run my program it seems i have it when the entire program is set to repeat automatrically and other times the entire program runs and it stops at the end of the final line.   What controls looping the program automaticall and or stopping at the end after it has ran once.


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May 15, 2019, 05:20:08 PM
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As far as i know, on the teach pendant it will jump only on the motion instructions. The other instructions there are executed very fast.
Do you want to set any breakpoint somewhere?

In order to loop into a program you can use GOTO function. An example it will be like this:



GOTO start

The program will jump at the label "start", therefore if you set the label at the beginning of the program and
the GOTO function it will be at the end of program, it will loop.

May 15, 2019, 06:57:33 PM
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As far as I know, the CHECK function is always prioritised towards 'motion to motion' and not 'step by step'.

In Repeat there is by using the editor/KCWIN and entering a single command (but be careful you enter the correct information or  :wallbash:)

eg To execute ONLY step 3 in the Program test.........

Type in the editor/kcwin
STEP test,,3 and press enter
Cycle Start will light, brakes will release and the current step will execute.
This also works for non motion instructions, so the robot will not move, although will energise.

You can also use just STEP (as a single command with no parameters) and this will execute the next step only.
- Allowing you to just STEP through each step.

Not a perfect solution I know, but can work quite effectively for single step execution.

When you are in Repeat, you have 2 options:
- Repeat Continuous
- Repeat Once

You can toggle this between the 2 via the teach pendant, or via command/program instruction as it is a system switch called REP_ONCE.
- REP_ONCE ON = Repeat Once
- REP_ONCE OFF = Repeat Continuous

However (as Alexandru stated), if you have internal GOTO LABELS then these can prevent the program from getting to the end of the program - so if you have Repeat Once selected, unless it can get to the end of the program, then it will stay executing until commanded otherwise.
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May 16, 2019, 06:37:14 PM
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Thanks guys, I appreciate the input.  I found I cam manipulate the Repeat_Once or Repeat_Cont from the drop down where the main override is set there is a step and repeat setting but this is only in effect or appears to be when the system is repeat mode on the controller key_switch and the pendant key_switch  are set ready for auto mode then I get a box to the left of the override replacing the jog mode icon and in that box it shows the values of the repeat and step.

If I am trying to do a complex function when I need line be line stepping I will use the STEP command from the terminal window.

May 16, 2019, 07:13:47 PM
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Those Repeat Options on the Teach Pendant are referred to as 'Repeat Conditions'.
- Therefore they are only present/effective when the key switch is in Repeat Mode.
- You can still alter them using the commands though, but obviously they will not have any effect during Teach/Manual Mode.

If you press A and Menu, you will also notice a 'dropdown window' (irrespective of key switch position) and you will notice those repeat conditions in there too.

Kawasaki have many ways of doing the same things......

Just to give you another viewpoint, the PC area is for running background programs asynchronously, so if you're testing non motion instructions, you could utilize this for your testing purposes without worrying about robot motion (irrespective of whether you are in teach or repeat).
- Check out PC 'commands' in the AS Manual and also in editor/kcwin type in HELP/PC (this displays a list/formatting of PC commands available).
- PCSTEP will allow you to test a specific step also.

If you do use this, then just be aware, in ANY Program that is executed in the PC Area, any motion instructions will result in error.

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