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 D controller boot problem !!

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April 13, 2019, 01:11:18 PM
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Hi All,

 I have a problem with D controller boot up (with FS 06N arm). The pendandt stopped at the kawasaki logo. There is no error message, but the 1KA board battery was dead. I attached photos.

Any help would be appreciated.

 Thank you.

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April 13, 2019, 02:27:49 PM
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Welcome to the forum.......... :beerchug:

1. Replace the battery.
2. Reboot and see if ok............if not then, turn Controller off and then:
3. Set dipswitch 1 and 8 ON on 1KA board.
4. Reboot Controller and go through 999 initialisation.
5. Reload recent file save.
6. Turn off Controller and set dipswitch 1 ON (Turn 8 Off) and reboot.
7. Ignore errors, goto AUX 0803 (Clear Check Sum Error) and enable clear check sum.
8. Reset all errors.
9. If no error exists, should be ok, if error exists post back.

If it still hangs on the logo screen and you cannot do above, it is possible that:
- AS and SV Firmware is required to be loaded (These versions are contained in the header of a file save).
- There is a problem on the 1KA or 1KB Board.

Let us know if it works, if not then please provide:
- File save.

I will try and obtain applicable firmware files and procedures to re-load.
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