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ABB Robot Forum / IRB6000 M93 S3 measure TCP.
« Last post by szkyrp on Yesterday at 05:52:18 PM »
How i can measure a TCP in robots? I mounted a new tool and i need measure a new TCP.
Used Robots and parts / Parts Fanyc M-710iC/70 and M-710iC/20
« Last post by szkyrp on Yesterday at 05:49:17 PM »
I have for sell many patry from robots Fanuc M-710iC/70 and M-710iC/20
I got signal from the smartpad to HMI on the monitor when I press the button at the back of SP, and the axis are active and I can here the sound of the signal (like it was before). But the robot doesn’t  move.
KUKA LBR IIWA / Re: IIWA hand guide and safety configuration problem
« Last post by NullReference on Yesterday at 05:11:04 PM »
You need to set "enable hand guiding in automatic mode" to true in the station setup.
This is not true.
Actually you have to set it to false to use Hand Guiding in an application. This should also be mentioned in the manual.

And as you (Confused_user) already did correctly is that you use ESMs to make it safe.
I am not that deep into it that I can see if you configured it correctly. But did you set the Hand Guiding Enabling Switch to true in your safety configuration?

If you want to handguide the robot using the handguiding motion in the java code then you have  to set it to false. If you want to always be able to enter handguding mode even if no java application is running then you set it true. For commissioning it is very helpful to have it set to true.

By the way, ESM states do not guarantee that your application is safe, ESM states are set from normal java code. If you robot becomes unsafe because the wrong ESM state has been set in the wrong place or time then you should re-evaluate your safety configuration.
Fanuc Robot Forum / Fanuc lr mate 200B i
« Last post by Carlos Koch on Yesterday at 04:34:13 PM »
Hello all, my name is Carlos, i am new in this forum, and need a bit help, i got a Fanuc lr mate 200B i Robot, and i want to learn about how to programm it, i have a lot of experience on the plc world, Siemens , Codesys, but i dont know much about karel.
My Questions are:
1) can i program this robot or only can be teached?
2) if its posible to program , which software i need for this?, can i simulate the Robot?.
3) this Robot was used to check preforms, that have 50 gram weight, and the Robot wasnt used for about 8 years, should i check something before i start it?, Batteries?.
4) I got a manual CD but i cant see the content, there are .xsl and .xml , i thinked i can see that in google chrome but dont works, maybe someone knows how i can see the manual.
Thanks a lot for your help.
KUKA Robot Forum / Re: Machine.dat for an old IR360/125 RC30/51c
« Last post by Schilberg on Yesterday at 04:09:21 PM »
The ni-cd battery is'nt the reason that you have lost the Machinedata. If these batteries are worn out the robot will lose the axiscallibration if you power off the robot.
It's the 3 AA battery's on the powersupply-card.
I will have a look in my old backups to see if I can help you.
KUKA Robot Forum / Re: KUKA KR10 R1100 Dynamic Limits
« Last post by panic mode on Yesterday at 01:30:47 PM »
It is a built in Oscilloscope... from smartPad use menu Diagnosis>Trace
This lets you record and analyze anything. Check WorkVisual manual and search for "trace".
Axis parameters are under NextGenDrive such as

"Ist..." means actual
"Soll..." means commanded value

Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Run tp program from the pc application.
« Last post by Limburger on Yesterday at 01:10:58 PM »
Fanuc Robot Forum / Get and set value program
« Last post by Limburger on Yesterday at 01:08:30 PM »
This program to determine the current value of a specified logical port of a remote host.
Code: [Select]
PROGRAM getter

status : INTEGER
port_val : INTEGER
RGET_PORTVAL('RC1', io_rdo, 3, port_val, status)
END getter

When I compile it, get this error.
Code: [Select]
Translating F:\commands\sc.kl

KTRANS Version V8.20 (Build 19   1/23/2018)
Copyright (C) FANUC Robotics America Corporation, 1985 through 2012.
All Rights Reserved.

   7  RGET_PORTVAL('RC1', io_rdo, 3, port_val, status)
                 ^ ERROR
Id must be defined before this use.  Id: RGET_PORTVAL

===============Translation not successful===============

How I can solve it?
Yaskawa Motoman Robot Forum / Re: Determining unused I/O and VAR??
« Last post by Robodoc on Yesterday at 12:56:56 PM »
Unlike a PLC the robot has no quick way of seeing what I/O or variable has been used.

If you get into the habit of naming I/O or variable as you use them all you have to do is look at the name file for open spaces.
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