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KUKA Robot Forum / Kuka KRC1 and kr150 E-stop and X11 broblem
« Last post by VR on Today at 09:27:17 AM »
Hi, we need details how to get robot jogging and mastered?
Used: kuka kr150 and krc1a (Renault plant)
X11 connector seems to be unused before, see attached picture.
Pics of messages and krc plate attached also.
Expert mode is in use.
-Emergency Stop
-Drives contactor off
-Active command inhibited

Thank you..
I should want to stop my main program if the submit interpreter is not running.
Is there a variable I can check for is submit is running?
Panasonic Robots / Panasonic robot programming language
« Last post by massula on Today at 07:17:29 AM »

Just a curiosity: what is the name of the programming language used in Panasonic robots?

I have only one manual here, but didn't foind any mention to this information.
KUKA Robot Forum / Re: offline programing
« Last post by Martin84 on Today at 06:54:25 AM »
Probably yes. How do you have a tool attached to a robot? What data do you have after measuring in a robot? Please take a screenshot in the powermill as the tool is attached.
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: r30ib touch sensing
« Last post by andrew.hegerty on Today at 05:45:19 AM »
I am only doing 1 search per program.
KUKA Robot Forum / Re: offline programing
« Last post by Moriii6530 on Today at 05:44:34 AM »
I changed S and T parameters and ran program.But the robot does the wrong motion.Is the Tool/Base configuration has a wrong?
 :help: :merci:
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: In line Weave
« Last post by david.crawford on Today at 03:47:06 AM »
On the new controllers it's in the weave schedule. You can set a global variable for azimuth in the program itself. You just have to remember to re-set it at the end of the weave/program.
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: DCs zone to set a do?
« Last post by kevilay on Today at 01:46:17 AM »
Thank you, I did this and then used interconnects to make it into a DO
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: 5 axis milling (drip feed)
« Last post by Duc on Today at 01:30:22 AM »
Yea waiting on the response from fanuc on that.   Paid less than 4k for 6 robots I believe.

Mastercam quote came back at 20k plus for the 5 axis mode which was expected.   This would still require Robotmaster which Im still awaiting a reply to.

Powermill will be quoted later on this month with a test of the trial software once I can upload files.
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