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Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: BGLOGIC question
« Last post by Fabian Munoz on Yesterday at 11:53:41 PM »

As you wished
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Re: BGLOGIC code that I have found useful
« Last post by HawkME on Yesterday at 11:31:15 PM »
Hi guys,
I need check a condition with bg logic.

It consists that R1=R2 OR R2<R1<R3,

Since this is a question I think it should be posted in the main forum. The sticky BG thread should be reserved for posting examples of useful code, to help the community.
ABB Robot Forum / Re: S4C+ 2400L installing a 7th axis. Did I hook it up right?
« Last post by kb on Yesterday at 09:45:05 PM »
Thanks Saab,

Confusing why they specify it's the X2 port, but I won't worry about it.

I think all I need to figure out then is the smb hookup, I'll write out my thought process here.

By this attached drawing ("SMB") I should have the two serial measurement boards, connected in series.

The external axis manual says: the output from SMB 1 is the input to SMB 2.

So the measurement cable comes from the controller to the robot SMB1, at port R2.SMB. The SDO and SDO-N from SMB1 (robot base), are flipped into SDI and SDI-N respectively on the external axis SMB2, both using port R2.SMB (on SMB Diagram photo).

I'm a little bit simple when it comes to following wiring diagrams.
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Program Shift
« Last post by SEAN-DUDE on Yesterday at 09:05:46 PM »
Sounds like the robots got a little to friendly, maybe there was a crash.
KUKA Robot Forum / KR100-2 PA oil leak
« Last post by Sulivan Visentainer on Yesterday at 08:59:06 PM »
Hi, has someone already had problem with oil leak in a robot gear unit, and changed  the retainer? are there some method to specify this component before disassemble the robot?

Can someone help me  with some information to do this work without harm our costumer production?   :wallbash:
Robot is brand new, out of the box, rev counters and calibration values are ok.

Like I've said if I'll monitor "pWork_PrePick" values I can see that they are changing in Z after rotation, that's how I know it it the calculation itself.

To be more exact I'll give example of positions read:

First rotation : -47.3234, 7.5544, 700.4834
Second rotation : -47.3234, 7.5544, 700.6034
Third rotation : -47.3234, 7.5544, 701.2034
Fourth rotation : -47.3234, 7.5544, 701.2834
Fifth rotation : -47.3234, 7.5544, 703.4834

The tool0 works perfectly for this, because the "Z" value stays the same whole time. (btw. I've tried with "real tool" situation was the same). Just in case you ask, payload of this toll is around 8kg, robot IRB 2600-12/1.65 Type B, I've done the payload on it already.
You have a "real" tcp for your gripper/vacuum/whatever?  I would use it in the CRobT, then might have to CalcJointT.  Did you make absolutely sure that the position from which you are calculating is absolutely level?  Fixture level?  Use the align function in the jog window.  Also, check your rev counters and calibration offsets.
Hmm I've been facing a strange problem. I know that robot accuracy is limited, but this is way off +/- 3 mm

I have a tool that pick 10 parts (looks like a star), each arm of the star is displaced 36 deg., so in total we have 360 deg.

Here is my code for picking:

Code: [Select]
!Above pick
WaitTime 0.25;
!At pick
MoveL Offs(pWork_PrePick, 0, 0, n201PickOfset), v50, fine, tool0\WObj:=wobj0;
WaitTime 0.5;

!Above pick 
MoveL pWork_PrePick,v200,fine,tool0\WObj:=wobj0;

Code: [Select]
!Rotate axis 6 by 36 degree
jpos10.robax.rax_6:=jpos10.robax.rax_6 + 36;
MoveAbsJ jpos10, v100,fine,tool0;

So what happens first few picks are usually OK, but than eg pick 5 will fail on collision (going to low), so I've added "a watch" to "pWork_PrePick" and yeah, the Z position is not constant  :hmmm: Sometimes there is 3mm difference between before and after rotating axis 6  :down:.

Any ideas ?
KUKA Robot Forum / Re: Can't jog/run/move robot
« Last post by panic mode on Yesterday at 07:29:16 PM »
Read pinned topic READ FIRST
I believe you have to restart the controller.
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