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Yaskawa Motoman Robot Forum / what is position level and use of that
« Last post by Somu mech on Today at 08:58:36 AM »
i want to what is position level in move instructions mov l = 100,pl=0,and where we can use it
how can i jog Kuka robot kr3 with kr c2 HMI ?
thanks in advance
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Bar Code Reader
« Last post by DBrobot on Today at 08:25:05 AM »
Thanks Guys.
Much appreciated.
I am currently a university student who is doing a year in industry. I have been tasked with learning how to operate our in-house KUKA robot with KR C2 software. So far I have learnt all of the things I know myself basically and so I am very limited on knowledge so far. I wanted to know how to calculate the co-ordinates to input a Circular motion into the program to enable the robot to drill a 22mm hole as drilling straight through would not be ideal in this situation. This is probably a simple request, however I can't find anything and the slight instructions I have had haven't answered my questions. Please help
POWER OFF on the K6SB. Short pins 8 and 12 on the molex connector inside the robot arm side cover. If you look at the connector once you take it apart, you will see 8 and 12 coming from the encoder, but no wire on the female side going to the control. With POWER OFF, short for a couple of minutes. Remove jumper, reconnect, power up. As a side note, K3 robots, short with power on. You appear to have issue with L and either R or T. On some the order is reversed on the display depending on the servo pack used.
Yaskawa Motoman Robot Forum / Re: Explicit messaging
« Last post by tiredold on Today at 06:57:32 AM »
I am manually changing the value of an "adjustment" to an Accufast II position value. It lets me tweak a weld position on the fly without having to alter the weld program. I currently do it by entering values on the teach pendant, but I want to keep the operators away from the pendant to prevent erroneous data or wrong register altering. I almost have it, and should be done by the end of the week. It is mainly an Omron issue. Similar to setting up Ethernet communications (which I use to monitor and alter I/O values now), just different format. Secret was finding the correct Omron command (CMND 490).
Fanuc Robot Forum / Fanuc Karel, read and write file
« Last post by jonatan on Today at 06:45:01 AM »
Hello everybody

I have a problem with Karel Fanuc,

in the following code I do not understand how the file reads:

ROUTINE lee_datos(cod_error:integer)

  str          : string[1]
  i          : integer

  cod_error = 0
  i = 0
  coorde = ''
  str= ''
  if hay_datos then

    write('Datos Encontrados',cr)

      READ file_com (str::1)              *************  what do you mean :: 1?         ****how the routine works, read spaces one by one??
      cod_error = IO_STATUS (file_com)
      IF (cod_error <> 0) THEN
        coorde = coorde + str
        i = i + 1
    until i > 106            ********how many iterations do??

    write('Fin REC_SCAN',cr)   

END lee_datos


fin_ciclo = false
init_com (cerror)
nopr1 = 0
tmp_tmout = 0

-- Obtengo los parámetros de rutina TP                                         ************  is collecting parameters that are written in the TP?

cam1_ok = 0
cam2_ok = 0


tmp_tmout = tmp_tmout + 500

  if hay_datos then

   coorde = ''
      -- Obtengo datos del puerto serie
   write('El sistema de visión ha enviado',cr,coorde,cr)

  w01_cam1 = sub_str(coorde, 4, 1)         because it starts in the carater 4?,  how do you know where to start?
  write(cr,'Los datos binarios son: ')
  w03_cam1 = sub_str(coorde, 6, 1)
   w04_cam1 = sub_str(coorde, 8, 1)
   w06_cam1 = sub_str(coorde, 10, 1)
   w01_cam2 = sub_str(coorde, 12, 1)
   w03_cam2 = sub_str(coorde, 14, 1)
   w04_cam2 = sub_str(coorde, 16, 1)
   w06_cam2 = sub_str(coorde, 18, 1)
   c01_cam1 = sub_str(coorde, 20, 1)
   c02_cam1 = sub_str(coorde, 22, 1)
   c03_cam1 = sub_str(coorde, 24, 1)
   c04_cam1 = sub_str(coorde, 26, 1)
   c01_cam2 = sub_str(coorde, 28, 1)
   c02_cam2 = sub_str(coorde, 30, 1)
   c03_cam2 = sub_str(coorde, 32, 1)
   c04_cam2 = sub_str(coorde, 34, 1)

the questions are next to the lines that I do not understand

Thanks for the help
Hi GtWur,
please have a look into the provided FRI sample code,
It is the example "lbrTorqueSineOverlay".
You can find the examples and the documentation within your Sunrise Workbench.


PS: If those examples are not visible within the Sunrise Workbench Project, then you need to check the FRI Examples in your stationsetup.

Hi DrG,

I have know that FRI need buy form KUKA company, thanks for your help!
Great!  Thanks for the info!!!!
KUKA Robot Forum / Re: KUKA KRC not Found
« Last post by hermann on Today at 04:17:04 AM »
It's Windows (TM) inside.  :biggrins:
May be the accu is defect, so the shutdown doesn't work properly.
Or the harddrive has a problem.
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