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Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Fanuc R-J2 ethernet
« Last post by Electroman on Yesterday at 11:54:04 PM »
Could you help me find this manual somewhere

ABB Robot Forum / System failure: cannot show program
« Last post by chrisbr on Yesterday at 10:07:47 PM »
ABB S4CPLUS M2000 Robot faulted in the middle of the program.  It will not move in manual or be reset by a power down.  The message on the pendant screen says "System Failure: Cannot Show Program"  Any help would be appreciated.
KUKA Robot Forum / Re: Chaining Tool TCP - Parent Child Relationships
« Last post by panic mode on Yesterday at 10:06:49 PM »

Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Communication with PC
« Last post by Velcro on Yesterday at 09:33:14 PM »
Cool! I think socket messaging might be good enough but...

One thing that seems a bit strange...From the “FANUC Robotics SYSTEM R-30iA and R-30iB Controller KAREL Reference Manual” it says:

Socket Messaging enables data exchange between networked robots and a remote PC with LINUX, or a UNIX workstation. A typical application of Socket Messaging might be a robot running a KAREL program that sends process information to a monitoring program on the remote PC. The combination of PC-Interface option on the robot and PC-Developers Kit on the PC is recommended for data exchange between the robot and a Windows-based PC.

Is this correct? There seems to be a lot of people using socket messaging but does it not work on windows?
Fanuc Robot Forum / G code to Fanuc Program
« Last post by eorka333 on Yesterday at 09:32:11 PM »

I have a plan to develop a translator which can convert the G-code to Fanuc program.

If you have any experience, could you share it with me?

Many thanks in advance.

Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Fanuc R-J2 ethernet
« Last post by cobenson on Yesterday at 09:21:19 PM »
Look at this manual:  MARO2EH4404801E it tells you all you need to know.
KUKA Robot Forum / Chaining Tool TCP - Parent Child Relationships
« Last post by mjnewsum on Yesterday at 09:14:54 PM »
Hello All,

I am pretty new to Kuka Robots; most of my experience is with Staubli.

I want to set a TCP relative to another TCP instead of having it relative to the flange. Is this possible?
I used to do this a lot with Staubli and it is very useful.

When I have an adapter plate attached to the flange, I set this as a TCP. Then, when I have a tool attached to it, I teach its TCP relative to the adapter plate's TCP.
This lets me mount the tool to any number of adapter plates without needing to teach the TCP. Instead, I just changed the parent that it is relative to.
It also lets me construct useful vectors for jogging the robot.

Thanks for the help in advance. Let me know if my description isn't making sense.

I am working with KRC4.

Kind regards,
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Fanuc R-J2 ethernet
« Last post by Electroman on Yesterday at 08:59:45 PM »
Thank for your reply.
Well, im confused right now about the rj2 ethernet fonctionality because i have the tcp/ip, motet, ftp and devicenet option installed and i can setup the tcp/ip and ftp setting in the host comm menu.

I am able to start a client or server on tcp/ip and ftp protocol so why would those protocol would be available in the setting?

Thanks for your reply.

Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: using a flash drive as a password protect
« Last post by Robo_Eng_13 on Yesterday at 08:41:54 PM »

Updating software version did not enable the usage of TP USB for Password Key. Robot DOES have J957 (TP USB Port Option), but European Robots have a different Parameter related option than American robots (R650 for FRA Params on American, R651 for FRL Params on European), and this is currently the suspected cause of the issue. Ticket open with Fanuc, working on resolution.
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: OS-147 Assert MAIN %d %d %s
« Last post by Robo_Eng_13 on Yesterday at 08:37:13 PM »
Final Resolution:

We are still unable to successfully perform an Auto Update in house, however Fanuc was able to successfully update an image that we took and sent to them, and we were able to successfully reload that image onto our robot. Currently, the root issue appears to be resolved, and it did not fix a side issue we hoped it might, so we are no longer actively pursuing rolling out version updates to all other robots. In addition to the update, we also upgraded from 32MB DRAM to 128 MB DRAM, (driven by the fact that the controller no longer had room for additional programs after update) so we do not know for sure which operation actually resolved the issue, or what the true root cause was.
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