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Fanuc Robot Forum / Uop Config
« Last post by ErikRU on Today at 07:38:00 PM »
I want to config uop to use these signals as digital commands.
I don’t get any signals like running. When i activate faultreset or start, i see the signals get high but nothing happens. In the config i’have set the use UI to true. Also i selected PNS and UOP. Is there some parameter that i missed? I use the R30ia controller.

Thanks in advance.

KUKA Robot Forum / Re: Fun in Augsburg?
« Last post by razzo on Today at 07:29:20 PM »
I hope you will wear a shirt with "panic mode" that I can recognize you :)
KUKA Robot Forum / Re: Fun in Augsburg?
« Last post by hermann on Today at 05:39:01 PM »
No fun these days, this week lent has begun  :toothy9:
Relativity seeks a highly talented Full Stack Robotics & Automation Engineer to join a rapidly growing space startup. This position will help build the core of our robotic 3D printing and automation capability via the development of world-class robotic hardware and software to manufacture orbital rockets. A high degree of autonomy and leadership is required.

This position is based full-time in Los Angeles.

- Work with design and manufacturing teams to develop, design, and implement industrial robotic cells.
- Deploying, testing, and on-site commissioning and qualification of robotic cells and their control system.
- Define, implement, diagnose, and modify programmable logic controller (PLC), distributed control system (DCS), and power distribution systems.
- Develop software tools both independently and in collaboration with other team members to aid in the control of path planning, sensor data collection, quality determination, and system operation.
- Determine safety requirements to design safety circuits and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) to relevant codes and standards.
- Generate project bill of materials and order required components and materials.
- Develop life cycle documents, electrical panels, control architecture, wiring drawings, electrical schematics, SOP and operating standards.
- Communicate and meet with vendors to procure job and application specific components with the latest technology offered for industrial automated system/robotic work cells.
- Participate in planning meetings, design/code reviews, define milestones for their respective projects, and demo results to the team.

- BS or MS in electrical, computer, mechanical, or robotics engineering.
- Programming experience with multi purpose language (preferably C/C++).
- Knowledge of power distribution, PLC, DSC, and industrial control panels.
- Familiarity in debugging robotic controller/interface issues.
- Familiarity with manufacturing communication protocols such as EtherCAT.
- Able to work in a fast-paced and intense startup environment.
- Ability to complete projects with ownership of end-to-end solutions and minimal oversight.
- Proven judgment in making coupled technical and business decisions balancing both big picture and execution-oriented factors.

- Experience in automation and industrial robotics.
- Strong hands-on robotic programming experience preferably with Kuka robots.
- Hands-on experience in setting up machine safety circuits.
- Experience with industrial lasers and their integration in robotic cells.
- Knowledge of scripting languages such as Python.
- Experience with Beckhoff PLC components.
- Familiarity with AutoCAD Electrical or equivalent.
- Ability to review part designs for automated production and provide feedback to design teams.
- Familiarity with software development life cycle processes.

This position must meet Export Control compliance requirements, therefore a United States Person as defined by 22 C.F.R. § 120.15 is required.

Apply at
Thank you David.

In to INITIALIZE screen aviable only list of .prm files, not as present on your screenshot
KUKA Robot Forum / Fun in Augsburg?
« Last post by panic mode on Today at 10:49:17 AM »
Just arrived... will be at Kuka mo-fr.
Any tips on things to do or see?

KUKA Robot Forum / Re: Compatibility of DSE-IBS 3.02 and RDW2 v1.20
« Last post by panic mode on Today at 09:31:24 AM »

even older controllers (KRC1) are compatible with RDW2

Is $PRO_STATE1 == #P_ACTIVE in the moment when main program goes to subprogram (or subprogram to main program)? In any operating mode $MODE_OP (T1, T2, aut, ext)?

KRC4 V8.3.30
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: How can you change the UF in the position display
« Last post by HawkME on Today at 03:15:24 AM »
Unfortunately you can't directly change it on the teach pendant.

Your options are:

1. Change the active frame to what you want, move to and touch up the point. It will ask you if you want to update the frame.

2. Open the .ls file of the program. Change the frame number. Convert back to TP and load onto the robot. This requires either Roboguide, OLPCPRO, or Ascii upload.

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