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Yaskawa Motoman Robot Forum / Re: DX100 Direct Position Entry
« Last post by fominhas on Today at 08:44:24 AM »
it's possivel ... have got a FD parameter  to by ... i donĀ“t know witch one ....
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Touchframe question
« Last post by robotero on Today at 07:50:47 AM »
If the parts is shifted in only ONE direction use FILLET search in ONE direction
setup the touch frame parallel to the shift direction.
Since this is  parallel shift you can touch either on the long side or the short side of the box
The short side of the box is more perpendicular to the search direction, so is better surface to touch
Run the search with master bit enable (offset will be zero), TOUCH up your path if needed while offset is 0
Next time when search runs the controller compares with the stored distance to calculate the offset
your path should be enclosed between TOUCH OFFSET PR[], TOUCH OFFSET END statements to work
Try to make your program so as the MASTER search is the closest the part can get to the search start point

If part is shifted in the plane 2 directions, then used 2D FILLET search (no rotation with the normal axis z)
Then in this case set the touch frame parallel to the box walls
Touch one wall then the other to find the offset

In both cases the offset will work for the entire path, for example to weld around the box

Yaskawa Motoman Robot Forum / Nx100 - IF and AND condition
« Last post by fominhas on Today at 07:40:46 AM »
Good morning,
My name is Alves

I need help, to programming the next condition

CALL:JOB1    IF   #IG(21)=0  AND  #IG(23)=0

During the programing just apears the IF condition for the IG# , and i need to conbine te two conditions for two input grups.

Please let me know if the AND condition is a purchasing option or help me how to do.

Best regards
The Pendant has no dead man switch, it uses a green button for servo on, see below:

Will look around on FDE,


Mitsubishi Robot Forum / RV-E2 beeping
« Last post by cian temp on Today at 05:17:00 AM »
    Bought a RV-E2 couple years ago and starting it up now. The power input is 200V bought a transformer step up from 110v to 200v, when switched on the controller starts beeping, the Pro/Alm display flashes 0-3-1-1, can anyone tell me what that means? is there a note for this codes?
KUKA Robot Forum / Re: no video signal
« Last post by uberdoom on Today at 02:08:25 AM »
Panic Mode...

do you mean add another video card in addition to the kvga card or remove kvga and add a different regular one?

Basically I'm trying to boot a controller without a kcp2 (on a (v)krc2 with Soyo SY-7VBA 133 motherboard).

KUKA Robot Forum / Re: WorkVisual Can't connect the controller
« Last post by CrespoTank on Today at 02:08:17 AM »
Here are the pictures.
KUKA Robot Forum / WorkVisual Can't connect the controller
« Last post by CrespoTank on Today at 02:04:43 AM »
Hello everyone, I am a newcomer.I have a question hope to get your help, thank you!

The KRC4 controller use WorkVisual4.0.10,But last time i use WorkVisual4.0.13 updata the project.  Now have same problem. My computer Can't connect the controller by WorkVisual software,Can't find robot.
When i touch Project Management have an ERROR(The installed projects cannot be determined!) ,Can see the attachment photos.
KUKA Robot Forum / Re: Ext Start
« Last post by panic mode on Today at 01:31:39 AM »
check system variables manual. robot can tell if it is on path or near return position (and you can specify what is near enough).
i think before permitting external start it would be a good idea to either make operator do a BCO or consider developing recovery strategy.
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: SRVO--105 SVAL1 Door open or E. Stop
« Last post by stonetech on Yesterday at 10:07:29 PM »
I don't have any software at all. Could a software backup do the same thing or would that load the 2nd group.
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