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Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Fanuc automated backups
« Last post by HawkME on Today at 02:12:25 PM »
You need to use the CMD code to write the FTP script to a text file, then you can call the FTP script. Here is an example:

echo anon>ftp.txt
echo bin>>ftp.txt
echo prompt>>ftp.txt
echo lcd !myfolder!>>ftp.txt
echo mget *.*>>ftp.txt
echo quit>>ftp.txt
ftp -v -s:ftp.txt !RobotIPaddress!
del ftp.txt

The Echo command with the > will write the next bit of text to to the specified text file. > creates the file and >> appends text. Then the ftp -s: command runs the specified text file as an ftp script. Finally I delete the ftp.txt file. The words surrounded by exclamation points ! are variables that get written to the text file as the value. so you can target a different folder and ip address. This way I can generate a unique ftp script each time to target a different local directory and robot IP address.

I recommend for information on using the ftp and the CMD language.
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Fanuc automated backups
« Last post by Beek on Today at 01:59:40 PM »
We are using the backup tool from onerobotics.  Its free.
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Line Tracking
« Last post by Bashchen on Today at 01:58:28 PM »
I set the Track frame from a UFRAME I created and direct-keyed the coord data. The X+ is in the direction of material flow, so I don't believe my issue lies therein. Regarding the sensor I have realized that and it is now resolved with the trigger coming from PLC and PP direct to robot.
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: R30iB Servo Disconnect
« Last post by gwilley on Today at 01:50:04 PM »
I was able to find out a part number from Fanuc for the R30iB Servo Disconnect. The number is EE-6686-800-007 (003 for 3m). The list price is $4802 for 7m (ouch!!)
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Line Tracking
« Last post by stare284 on Today at 01:47:14 PM »
Sounds like you have the frame backwards for the line tracking.

The conveyor travel should always be in the X+ direction from all the applications that I have done.

As for a trigger, it would depend on the application, we typically use the encoder as the trigger distance and such.

If you use a sensor it doesn't matter if it goes to a PLC or not, as long as the robots gets it.
Fanuc Robot Forum / Line Tracking
« Last post by Bashchen on Today at 01:39:10 PM »

I am working on a project that has me stumped. I need to set up line tracking and I cannot, I have the FANUC manual on LT, however, the conveyor counts are negative and increasing in that direction. When attempting to re-sync the trigger/part tracking I get errors for conveyor direction as well as the part sensor not being valid.

1) Do I need the conveyor to count in a positive direction?
2) What should I be looking for as a trigger and part sensor to configure the Line Tracking?
3) Does the part present need to be direct to robot or can it be mapped as DI from PLC?

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Fanuc automated backups
« Last post by JuiceeMan on Today at 01:37:33 PM »
Yup windows PC. And I have gone the scripting route. When I copy and paste script into CMD prompt it works perfectly. But when I save as a .bat it stops working as soon as I enter the FTP part of the script. What is a good work around for this? My script runs CMD code, then FTP code then CMD code then it is done.
Well, clearly not the same.

I've checked your ref (thanks for sharing it) and it is more like a search engine to get a more rapid access to ... the same pdf documents we all know or datasheets.

Not to say it is 550€ a year. So you buy a 100k€ robot and they (intentionally) let you struggle with poor docs. Probably to sell more training and services ...

HTML doc is much more powerful as browsing and indexing is much more performant than in pdfs. You can also leverage cross ref.
You can see it more like a wiki. It's very complementary with the forum. You can start little and grow it with people contributions.

The website I propose is based on Mkdocs. The website is build from a bunch of markdown files (easy to read/write for every body) and simple YAML files for describing KRL types, variables and functions. Thus, it should be easy to contribute for anybody.

My proposal is to focus on KRL :

* system types (enums / strucs)
* system variables / signals
* system functions

And eventually have a sort of up to date "primer" like the expert programming manual.

KUKA Robot Forum / RSI Correction in KUKA ROBOT
« Last post by Roger Alexander Moresco on Today at 01:34:51 PM »

Hello everyone!

I have a seam follower application, the robot has an outer shaft that will keep spinning the part. The robot has to move only in the coordinates X and Z, because what rotates is a part, how to do it using the RSI of the robot? I'm a layman in this part, but I managed to make the robot follow the seam with it moving in x, y and z cordinates, but now I only want x and z.
ABB Robot Forum / Re: 50052 joint speed error after ActUnit/DeactUnit
« Last post by Lemster68 on Today at 01:18:14 PM »
Well, you would run the service routine ManLoadID to determine the load on the manipulator.  Maybe that was skipped during your original commissioning, it often is.
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