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I wanted to float one of my new ideas to the robotics community. I am an armature robotcist, and am going through the paces with some lego nxt bricks. I have discovered the "worm gear", which gears down a gear combination to provide more torque. I had an idea for a new form of worm gear that may not have ever been invented before, and could allow the aggregation of multiple 20 step motors into a new combination of a single motor group controlled by i2c bus and a micro controller. My idea is that you can combine these motors and create an "ascending worm gear", which would mean that the gear gets bigger at a predictable rate such that the motors could be infinitely sophisticated to a fault. Instead of a single 20 step gear you would have the motors arranged this ascending gear and it would provide infinite sophistication, instead of 20 steps, you get more like 360 to 720 to 1440, etc. Such a motor would be able to do very sophisticated deft movements. Essentially the gears that drive the worm gear need 20 teeth. You can spiral them around the worm gear at predictable intervals. Your C API would provide a number that increments by a number of degrees per motor, and decreases when the margin for error gets smaller. The entire i2c bus becomes it's own little subsystem, that another robot could control easily via high level commands. Some day I would like to see lego parts for this, and raspberry pi parts for this such that I can have a weird little robot contraption, possibly 3d printed. Unfortunately math will probably be required, so I am posting the idea here such that the community can benefit if necessary.
clear as mud...  can you please explain how is that different from what you have now? what do you mean... exactly? be specific and explain what exactly you want to do and what is not working.

you original post was about not being able to use smartPad. this is clearly resolved as proven by your images.

Then you said robot cannot move, but images show smartPad with drives enabled, so should be ready to move. can you move it or not? Using smartPad...!

the only message shown is about IOs on KEB not communicating. this is on EtherCat and has nothing to do with IP changes. don't recall from top of my head but in general faulty IO will prevent operation in auto (AUT or EXT). in which mode you plan on running robot? do, s your controller have any IO? more specifically does it have X12 interface or anything connected to KEB? if answer is yes, and you plan on using the IO, better make sure that it is configured and powered correctly. if not, you can remove KEB from your WoV project and this message will go away.

KUKA LBR IIWA / Re: Problems with change operation mode to T2/Auto
« Last post by jizecn on Yesterday at 11:01:37 PM »
Just add the screenshot for the problem above.

Is this something to do with Safety Settings? I am not expert, and will desperately need to make it work next week.

Many thanks for your help!!!

I have a few serious problems now with Kuka lbr iiwa r820 now. SmartPad would not show up the main screen and is stuck with displaying a message of "showing robot interface".

The message bar above shows:
"KCP Application
Failed to set data
Timeout while searching for robots"

When I turn the key horizontally to change the operation mode, it only shows T1. T2, Auto and the checker boxes become invisible.

I have tried various things, even recovered the OS from an image file (image of another kuka iiwa). The problem still remains there.
I also swapped the smartpad with another kuka robot, which has the same problem. So it seems not to be the problem of the smartpad.

If I connect a monitor to the robot, it seems fine, but I have no idea what to test and configure etc.

Could you please give me any suggestion? Many thanks.
I mean the robot didn’t have hardware problems before the IP was changed. And SP was able to run HMI.
Define “it was working...”
Dear panic mode, I tried to press the enable key from SP and press the jogging buttons on the monitor the robot was actuated but it did not move. Should the jogging done from the SP itself?
Should I check X55 connection again? Everything was working fine before the KRC IP has been changed.
while holding enabling switch, you will see that "I" turns green on the top of the screen. this means drives are enabled. at the same time labels next to jog keys light up green as well (right side, labels A1, A2, ... A6). While drives are enabled you can play with jog keys and robot will move (your robot is already in T1 mode).
message you see on top of screen is about IO connection to X44. most likely you did not wire X55 correctly so IO's are not powered. This will not prevent you from moving robot in T1 but you do need to address it.
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: A website: Know FANUC alarm codes
« Last post by ATD94 on Yesterday at 05:59:21 PM »

Super useful! Great work!
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Fanuc lr mate 200B i
« Last post by ATD94 on Yesterday at 05:57:14 PM »
Hello Carlos,

The robot can be programmed without having to teach the points, but that would require the RoboGuide software for the most effective offline programming. It is many times easiest to teach the program step-by-step if that is an option.

The simulation side is best done, from my personal experience, using FANUC's RoboGuide software. It contains a variety of packages that are great for all the applications that can be done with their industrial robots. It is fairly expensive though and unless this robot is being used in a manufacturing facility and is needed for production the software is not worth it in my opinion.

As for checking before running it there is not much that should be done. I would personally just plug it in and run it. If there are programs already on the controller that are taught I would have it run some of those and monitor for anything that looks odd. Be aware of the joint heat values as well. If the robot is running and the heat percentage is going above 70% at any single joint you may want to have the lubricants changed out.

As for your CD I am unsure as to why it is not working for you. I personally have run into that problem myself and never found a solution.

I hope this was helpful.

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