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It worked! i could make de robot move and made already an easy program to test it, thanks for your help  :biggrins:
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: DCS Code for Mastering
« Last post by icontrol on Today at 08:19:51 PM »
Base code:-                          The code number to change the DCS parameters for robot setup date, mastering parameter,
                                              CIP Safety, PROFINET Safety, Safety function by FL-net and Auxiliary axis servo off (local stop) function.

Position/Speed check code:-   The code number to change the DCS parameters for the Position/Speed Check function.

I/O connect code:-                 The code number to change the DCS parameters for the Safe I/O Connect function, Safe I/O
                                             device, Safety PMC program, Teach Pendant Hot Swap and Shared Teach Pendant.

hope this helps.
Any changes made to process data are reflected directly in the next access, process data is just an XML file that the framework uses for storing data across sessions. You do not need to restart the application for the changes to take effect. You only have to read the process data before parameterizing the motion.

Your background task may compile but I think it will produce a runtime error because KUKA doesn't allow the application control class to be used within the context of a background task. When you run your app check the smartpendant, if your background task has a red stop icon next to it then it is producing a runtime error.

Code: [Select]
ptpVelocity = bgTask.getPtpVelocity();Where is this method coming from, I can't see it in the background task?

Why are you controlling the application override from the process data? just press the +/- button to control the override.

If I understood your question correctly then this should be the solution

Code: [Select]
public class testApp extends RoboticsAPIApplication {
Tool myTool;

public void initialize() {

public void run() {

double ptpVelocity =  getApplicationData().getProcessData("YOUR PROCESS DATA").getValue();


You must read the process before executing the motion like above.
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Simple question, but looking for answer
« Last post by Robo_Eng_13 on Today at 05:36:00 PM »
If i am reading this correctly, you can see a macro in the setup menu, but you can not see it in the program list? If this is the case, go to the select program screen, then press Type and select All instead of TP programs.
Fanuc Robot Forum / Simple question, but looking for answer
« Last post by mike_b on Today at 05:20:06 PM »
Hello guys,
I would like to ask you a question. I am a robot programer since coupe of weeks, and i would like to go forward as fast as i can.
My question is how to enter the macro which is visible under hand button?
For example, i can find there a macro Close gripper, but i can't find such name anywhere.
My question is maybe simple, but I've spend coupe of minutes on it Today ;)
Thx for help in advance.
other Robots / Re: EPSON
« Last post by kotir on Today at 04:52:07 PM »

Thank for your answer.

About the setup, it is a simple one.

I have a pump that starts rotating when receives an input signal from the I/O robot controler (rising edge) and stops rotating when stops receiving the input signal from the I/O robot controler (falling edge). Being the rpm always the same, the quantity depends directly on pump's rotation time.
So this is how the dispensing system is working.

              24v                       Dispense ON 
                                    |                              |
                                    |                              |
                  __________|                              |_____________
                  Dispense Off                                    Dispense Off 

The I/O is being activated by a timer in a parallel process like the one shown below

Arc pointA, pointB ! On dispensingON, 1, 0 !

That means that the timer is counting while the robot is executing the movement and my fear is that the controller priotorize the movement in prejudice to the timer. In another words, the controler processor priority to the movement may cause a timer delay.

What do you think about this? Is this delay possible? In my process we are dispensing microliters and the process margin  must be smaller 0.5 microliters.

KUKA Robot Forum / Re: KUKA ROBOT
« Last post by panic mode on Today at 04:29:32 PM »
nice... don't tell us what those messages were..  :icon_frown:
please check READ FIRST topic, it will point you to resources such as programming manual for system integrators. CIRC and CIRC_REL are well documented, should take 5-min to read. note, using points on quadrants (every 90deg) means calculations are very simple, just add radius to X and Y components.... moreover, you can use CA option to do circle in one instruction. i would cut a bit more than 360deg (for example set CA to 390 deg) to ensure clean cut.


it should be obvious that robot would need to move along smaller circle during cut.

    robot_path_radius = circle_radius - tool_radius

now since we are expressing circle and tool size as diameter, we can combine that with something that every student should know:

    radius = diameter/2,

result is calculation:

    robot_path_radius = (circle_diameter - tool_diameter)/2

then you need to use this value in your motions.

Fanuc Robot Forum / What the process to load all software is? RJ3ib
« Last post by jgax on Today at 03:50:31 PM »

I have a RJ3ib robot that has faulty fram, I replaced with a new and cant load the image cause its different size.
Basically need to do a upgrade of memory cause I have no identical or compatible fram module.... the one I have is twice in size.

I got a 16/3 bad module and have to replace with a 32/3 module....

I have the core software.... so the question is how to load the core software.....?
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