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ABB Robot Forum / Re: Laser seam tracker with ABB robot
« Last post by sandeep.lerio on Today at 08:27:08 AM »

You will need this software 660-1 Optical Tracking Arc

Is it for  S4C+ or IRC5?
KUKA Robot Forum / Re: Camera pan tilt roll
« Last post by panic mode on Today at 08:24:25 AM »
i would use quaternions
ABB Robot Forum / ABB IRB 6640 + Lumberg Module 970 PSL 700 DP
« Last post by jpp18209 on Yesterday at 08:29:58 PM »

I have some experience in several robots, however I never used profibus or setup a ABB, just programming in RAPID.
I need to change some module from a gripper and change to profibus they give me 2 modules Lumberg 970 PSL 700 16 DI/DO.
the older module was point to point.
The Configuration is PLC master Robot slave and IO Module of the gripper slave of the robot.

My questions are:
1) I need to use the second port in the DSQC 637 Profibus, do I need to mention in the configuration? By my understanding this is the port for the Master (robot is the master).
2) I'm trying to configure it but I had several problems with the configuration the Unit Type is not there, can i had one? How?
I read talking about the Softing configurator that generates a bin file from GSD. What ever I try it always complain about pbus_cfg.bin not found.
But a colleague told me should be possible to do it without it, because I only need to enable it. And that's where it starts my confusion because my colleague told me this should be done installing a new OS in the robot but with this enable.

>> products_id:
RobotWare Version: 5.15.9024.09
BRAKE-CHECK Version: 1.00.0000.00

  RW Control module key
  RobotWare OS and English
  644-2 English
  645-3 Spanish
  709-x DeviceNet
  709-1 master / slave single
  711-1 PROFIBUS DP m / s
  608-1 World Zones
  611-1 Path Recovery
  613-1 Collision Detection
  614-1 FTP and NFS client
  616-1 PC interface
  RW Drive module 1 key
  ABB standard manipulator
  IRB 6640
  Axis 1 standard work range
  6640-185 / 2.8
  No motor fan
  Drive System 09 4600 / 66x0 / 460/660/760
  No additional drive
KUKA Robot Forum / Camera pan tilt roll
« Last post by Mizio31 on Yesterday at 06:13:18 PM »
Hi, i try to move a video camera fixed on the flange of my kr15 krc ed05. The problem is that when i make one pan movement by jog or running one src,  the camera roll in unwanted mode.  if i’m in world coordinate this dosen’t appens but if i want tilt it this appens again. So i need to back in tool mode(jog mode).
So the problem at the end is that every time i need to switch from world to tool coodinate and viceversa to move the camera in right pan and right tilt way. There is any way to fix this problem without hard matrix calculation??
I connected 2 joystick on external computer and i send the variable buy kukavarproxy in this way i like move camera in x y z and rool pith and yall without have the problem of a kind of gimballlock
ABB Robot Forum / Re: Resume from same point
« Last post by enagy on Yesterday at 05:52:44 PM »
Typically I've basically used the "Start" system input and things have worked fine.  Is that how you are restarting the program?
ABB Robot Forum / HDD Filling up with .tmp files and Load Time is getting Longer
« Last post by enagy on Yesterday at 05:50:10 PM »
I’m working on an S4CPlus controller (IRB400) and the backup seems to be getting larger and larger and filled with Fxxxx.tmp files.  Just wondering what’s causing this as the boot times seem to be getting longer and longer on the robot.

I am using Filezilla to FTP in through the service port to retrieve backups for offline editing and then transferring the backups back before restoring them on the robot.  Not sure if that’s causing the issue or not.
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: r30ia system variables not visible on menus
« Last post by stein on Yesterday at 04:14:47 PM »
Yaskawa Motoman Robot Forum / Re: Different between MH12 and MA1440?
« Last post by Rampa01 on Yesterday at 02:19:59 PM »
There is no differnce in manipulator at all. All changes are done in SW. MA1440 is faster, but lower payload.
ABB Robot Forum / Re: Resume from same point
« Last post by Neel on Yesterday at 02:16:08 PM »
anyone any help..please
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: How to check image backup belongs to what robot
« Last post by Nation on Yesterday at 01:45:57 PM »
I recommend osfmount in order to mount the image.
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