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ABB Robot Forum / Unable to define decent tool center point
« Last post by ampeer2402 on Today at 06:17:00 PM »
Hello all. I'm working with an ABB 1400 S4C for welding applications. I followed all the steps in the manual to define a tool center point using the 6 point method but it still wonders off severely. I have another exact same cell setup with the no issues defining tool center point. Any ideas what to do?
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: SRVO--105 SVAL1 Door open or E. Stop
« Last post by stonetech on Today at 05:18:39 PM »
Well, I tried to do a controller backup by holding the PREV and NEXT buttons , then going to MAINTENANCE -> CONTROLLER BACKUP; however, then i went to do the backup on my windows xp, It told me "This function is not available yet" and I wasn't able to do a backup. Is there another way to do a backup or how could I solve this to let me do a back up.
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Fanuc R-30 cpu is depressed :(
« Last post by ChaAymGree on Today at 04:36:14 PM »
I think CPU can be exchanged between same controller type. Make an IMG backup and AoA of the "donor" robot. If you exchange SRAM/FROM module be sure to have the same size in order for image restore to work.

Also what do you mean by same size.  This is the only R1000 we have, majority of every thing else with a R30iB controller. does that make a differece.
Can i restore image back-up instead of doing init start?
KUKA Robot Forum / Re: Update Windows Embedded
« Last post by SkyeFire on Today at 04:21:53 PM »
Having at least one backup of D is critical, but not time critical.  What I mean is, the contents of your C drive change on a regular basis -- logs, program tweaks, new programs, etc.  D normally only gets up update when you install a new Tech Package option, or do a KSS upgrade.  When one of those happens, the installer is normally copied into the D drive (along with the manuals for that package).  So D doesn't need to be backed up as often as C, but it's still a Very Good Idea to have an up-to-date image of D.  It's simply that D gets changed much less often, so "freshness" is less of an issue.

Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Fanuc R-30 cpu is depressed :(
« Last post by ChaAymGree on Today at 04:21:36 PM »
I think CPU can be exchanged between same controller type. Make an IMG backup and AoA of the "donor" robot. If you exchange SRAM/FROM module be sure to have the same size in order for image restore to work.
Yes i made image and found image from a bit with almost exact programming.
Fanuc recommended swapping axis control card[connected to fiber optic cable] and 3v battery on board.  I tried swapping the access control card and then doing the Init start up but it still would not finish INIT start.  Getting stuck in freezing up on "INIT 2 complete" Should I try putting a new battery and try INIT START again? or instead of an upstart just go straight to image restore?

I am doing all of this from the boot monitor screen because ever since I froze up on the a INIT START complete 2" yesterday It will not finish booting up.

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Stäubli & Bosch Robot Forum / Staubli SC8C wiring and password reset
« Last post by kmagal on Today at 04:19:13 PM »
We purchased a used TX60 with SC8C controller. I can't seem to find the pinout of the BIO board connectors J601/J602 (SC8 manual refers to wiring manual). Also of some interest is the ability to reset the network password on the controller, and locating the service manuals for the TX60 arm to see what, if any maintenance it might need. I tried registering with Staubli to get access to their Online technical database. Spent 2 weeks waiting on registration to be accepted, only to find the database almost completely empty. There are CAD files, but no manuals, no tutorials, no FAQs. Almost every folder is completely devoid of files.
Is there a way to find the info I'm seeking, and is my experience with Staubli typical?
Yaskawa Motoman Robot Forum / Reset variables within ladder program
« Last post by fredtzu on Today at 04:03:27 PM »
Hey guys!

I need to have a button on the I/F pannel that resets some of the variables on my program (counters, mainly) .I was wondering is there any way to acess my variables in the ladder program?Or is there a better way to do this?
All help is apreciated.

Thanks in advance
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KUKA Robot Forum / Re: How to program profile synthesis with KRL?
« Last post by SkyeFire on Today at 04:02:21 PM »
Rather than compute your motions on the fly, as you are, I'm going to suggest pre-calculating them, at least for your test and debug phase.  This will allow you to examine the point values separately and determine if the error is mathematical, or in the robot motion.

So, in your DAT file, declare and pre-define an array of type POS:
Code: [Select]
DECL POS pArray[300]
pArray[1] = {X 0,Y 0,Z 0,A 0,B 0,C 0}
pArray[2] = {X 0,Y 0,Z 0,A 0,B 0,C 0}
;....fill in all the way to 300

Then, in your SRC file: 
Code: [Select]
DECL INT _nIndex, _nIndex2
DECL POS _pNextPos

FOR _nIndex = 1 TO 300
  pArray[_nIndex] = $NULLFRAME ; initialize to all 0s

FOR _nIndex = 1 TO 300 ; create motion array
  pArray[_nIndex].X = ($POS_ACT.X + (200 * COS(_nIndex)) + _nIndex2)
  pArray[_nIndex].Y = ($POS_ACT.Y + (200* SIN(_nIndex)))

FOR _nIndex = 1 TO 300
  LIN pArray[_nIndex] C_DIS

There is a limit to the size of the arrays you can use, but the primary advantage here is that, once the second FOR loop has completed, the values for all the calculated points will be saved in the DAT file.  So you will be able to copy&paste them into SciLab or Excel and plot their motion before running the actual robot motion.  This can make it faster and easier to troubleshoot the mathematical part of the program before moving on to the robotic motion part of the program.
KUKA Robot Forum / Re: Update Windows Embedded
« Last post by sisvullr on Today at 03:58:55 PM »
Many thanks to everyone for feedback.

Just wondering how crucial it is to backup partition D:\?

We successfully backed up partition C:\ and partition D:\ with the Kuka USB Recovery stick. Afterwards we installed the patch, which worked perfectly as well.

We decided to do a second backup afterwards so that we have the latest robot / computer configuration backed up as well. This time, only partition C:\ got backed up (the Kuka USB stick ran out of space). As our production line is up and running again, we probably won’t backup partition D:\ a second time if that’s not too crucial…

Of cause we can always restore the “old” configuration if needed and install the patch again. It’s more that I am curious if there’s anything relevant stored on the D:\ partition… ;)
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: iRVision 2D, multiple GMP locator
« Last post by scotty on Today at 03:17:16 PM »
Yes. You can combine up to 5 GPM locators.
I dont have a Fanuc on hand, but in the same place you select gpm locator as a tool , you can also select xxxx (i dont remember the name)
This xxxx helps you to combine the application.  It's very self explanatory when you find it

Sorry about my cloudy answer
But in case if I have same shape of part, just different color. Do I need to use some tool? I just set 2 models ID, 2 gpm locator with different model id. Set find part position instead of use user frame offset. Later in program I will try to get position from VR to PR, then set Z and go to grab the part.

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