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KUKA Robot Forum / Re: Robot not mastered issue
« Last post by R.Beginner on Today at 07:52:21 AM »
SkyFire :

I logged in as expert and I went to SETUP (picture 1), if i go on "robot name" i don't have a lot of informations (pic. 2).
I already tried to find informations on SETUP>SERVICE>DSE-RDW (pic. 3) but didn't find what I want, do you think is it here ?

I didn't say it before but It is a VKRC2.
KUKA Robot Forum / Re: Cannot access hard drives with PC
« Last post by Terzi on Today at 07:49:13 AM »
1. ping works and settings match.
2. Windows 7. I open resource management and type the IP to the field on top of the window. \\ip1.ip2.ip3.ip4 .
Result: I am at the root of the robot and I can see C and D and Roboter folders at the resource management.
3. I am 90% sure that IT is not the issue here since I tried also with another computer with uber user rights. I also tried without firewalls. Sure there might be things which I missed but I have never faced this problem before.

So for me it looks like that the robot is blocking my request to see the content of C and D.

I wanted to have the access because I was going to edit the programs in my computer with Notepad++. The KSS in this robot is so old that Online editing of WorkVisual is not supported. But since this started to look impossible, I kinda gave up with this and just started to program using external keyboard attached to SmartPAD.
The PC doesn't shut down for 30 min, it shuts down normally (for a min or so) - what i meant is that when i get the error and turn of the controler PC, later on or in the next morning when i power it up the error is gone.

Usually when i power it down i have to wait a little bit (5 min or so) and then turn it back on and the error is gone.

Also when i use the button on the back of the smartPAD everything is fine

But when i use the front green button i get the error message "Process Active KSS 01372"

This only happens when i try to play hence execute a program from the smartPAD.
ABB Robot Forum / Re: TPU lost contact after insert boot disc
« Last post by case25 on Today at 07:11:24 AM »
I am starting to think there is a system failure not the hardware. Every connection seems to be ok. I borrow the main CPU DSQC325 and it is acting the same way, same errors and servots.c 746 failure.
I read a lot and found that maybe i didnt install the system correctly.
3 first disks with system load correctly, then 4th and 5th disks called irb install ok, and have aw option disk which install ok, but i dont have any disk with system parameters (empty folder SYSPAR on last disk). Maybe there's a problem? After install the system i must load system parameters and commutatde the axes, am i right? With no parameters i keep getting servots.c 746 not allowed failure.

I attach what i've got from abb.
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Leoni Advintec TCP
« Last post by WalterPintor on Today at 06:32:17 AM »

Currently installing a Leoni on an ABB robot (with an IRC5 controller).

Just a question, something I haven't been able to understand, does Leoni calculate an unknown TCP or does it correct the TCP based on previous values?

Thanks and regards,

ABB Robot Forum / Backup Problem
« Last post by robotect on Today at 05:41:09 AM »

I have IRB 2600 ID , when  I try to take backup to my computer or usb, to create backup both on the computer and  '' temp '' file in robot.

And finally, my  robot memory was full.

How to prevent getting backup to  '' temp '' file in robot?

ABB Robot Forum / Re: Issue with SpotWare Equalizing option for S4C+ 7600
« Last post by Neel on Today at 05:36:15 AM »
Is the issue resolved?
Can you send the robot backups
ABB Robot Forum / Sample Program
« Last post by Neel on Today at 05:18:46 AM »
Hi Team,
Can anyone have sample program for tool changer with servo gun and gripper.

what is the name of the manual
tank you
ABB Robot Forum / Re: Rectifier change
« Last post by RoboTux on Today at 04:17:31 AM »
I have smb 313

You are right, the DSQC313 is different. You can connect smb2 to smb1.
I read the manual. (IRB2400 M98A Product Manual page 266 has a good figure)
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