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KUKA Robot Forum / Re: Workvisual Snippets
« Last post by davidina on Today at 02:54:46 PM »
Yes you can. The directory for 4.0 and 5.0 are:

C:\Users\MyName\AppData\Roaming\KUKA Roboter GmbH\WorkVisual\5.0\Snippets
C:\Users\MyName\AppData\Roaming\KUKA Roboter GmbH\WorkVisual\4.0\EditorSettings

Just paste your snippet files into those folders and restart the WV. You can also import them directly into WV on Extra Tab in Programming and Diagnosis phase.
« Last post by Robodoc on Today at 01:36:36 PM »
The short answer, yes you are wrong.

In an ERC there are three cables on each servo pack.  One is the control signal that comes from the servo control board, the second is the encoder that is attached to the motor and the third is the motor power (depending on the size of the servo pack this may be plugs or screw terminals).  If you moved only the encoder plug and not the motor power cable from one servo pack to another you have crossed the control and output connection.  For example, if you took the encoder cables from SV1 and SV2 and swapped them when you turn the servo power on SV1 would still be pushing motor one but getting it's signal from motor two.  This will result in a servo tracking alarm.

Also, in most ERC robots with six servo packs the top three are one size and the bottom three are another.  You can not mix sizes.  If you put a larger wattage output servo pack on a small motor you will burn the winding on the motor.  If you put a small wattage output servo pack on an large motor you will burn out the electronics in the servo pack.

I would suggest putting all the wires and cables back where they belong.  Turn the servo power on and see where you get the alarm.  Lets say the alarm comes up on the L axis, this is the second servo pack.  Turn the power off and swap only the encoder AND motor power cables from SV2 to either SV1 or SV3 and try again.  If the alarm stays on the L axis the problem is the servo pack, if it moves the problem can be the cables or the motor.  Ether way there are no more parts for this old robot.
Yaskawa Motoman Robot Forum / Re: Alarm 4783
« Last post by 95devils on Today at 01:33:37 PM »
These are related to the Functional Safety Unit in the controller.  Someone has programmed a robot range limit.  Depending how the range was set up the robot either:  has to stay inside this box, outside the box, or stay outside of a plane.    The file that is generating this alarm is file 1.  The R-axis is getting too close to an edge and the controller is throwing the alarms.
When you tell a robot to "arc on" it will sit and wait for the arc established signal from the welder.  If you don't get this signal within a time you will get an alarm (in this case 2020, missing arc generation confirm).

With this being an ERC controller and a Mega Mig welder you will have one of two interfaceses between them.  The first is a big box called a Megacon controller.  the second is mounted inside the controller called a PWF feeder.  With either of these two units you could have a burnt trace on a board, bad connection, bad output from the welder or the input in the robot could be bad.  There are no more parts for this robot, interface or welder.  Long and short of it, you are banging your head against a rock.
KUKA Robot Forum / Workvisual Snippets
« Last post by Bystrom on Today at 11:12:51 AM »

I'd like some help from anyone who knows Workvisual well.
Is there any way i can implement my own snippets in the list below?
I've searched in the Workvisual directory but can't find where the "Snippets" are located...

Thanks!  :help:
KUKA Robot Forum / Krc2 with VKCP, problem with automatic mode
« Last post by Tomek155 on Today at 10:55:43 AM »
Hello, I have a KRC cabinet V3.3.79. B317 and Vkcp. I made a solder connection between automatic external and automatic in Vkcp, but I can't turn on the drivers. I know thank I should change something in settings but I don't know what. I found similar old topics on forum, but without solution.

Hello, I have similar problem. I made a connection between and and aut external. But I can't turn on of the drivers. I have a normal krc cabinet but vkrc KCP. 
ABB Robot Forum / Re: Transmission Error
« Last post by sandeep.lerio on Today at 10:48:45 AM »
Hi onr_brk,

Thanks for reply. I check the resistor and CAN Bus everything seems okay, Actually It's not showing to in system parameters --> IO Signals --> IO Buses -->These are the missing ("BaudRate; MasterEnabled"). So I'm about to do either X-Start or C - Start to resolve the issue. Any suggestions what I'm missing?  :help:
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KUKA LBR IIWA / Re: Kuka LBR iiwa Safety Password
« Last post by razzo on Today at 08:31:07 AM »
Reinstalling the base WindowsBaseImage could work I guess. But this means deleting everything. And you need the special 'Kill-Stick' which is provided by KUKA. You need the correct WindowsBaseImage which fits to your SWB.
I do not know if there is any other possibility to restore the default password. I have never tried it.
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