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KUKA Robot Forum / Re: Serial Communication (PC -> KUKA KRC2 5.2)
« Last post by Guedes24 on Today at 06:39:55 PM »
Thanks for all the help messages   :icon_smile:
I've solved my problem.
My problem was in the file $custom.dat and its parameters.

Many thanks again for the excellent support  :merci: :merci: :bravo:
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Program register help
« Last post by Fabian Munoz on Today at 06:30:50 PM »
Welcome to the robot forum

and of course you don't have any backups
Is it a home made program or the palletizer program from Fanuc ?

Can you post it >
Fanuc Robot Forum / Program register help
« Last post by LoadSaveDelete on Today at 06:00:02 PM »
Sorry this is my first time using a forum like this, but there is something I need help with.

I am working with a pallet picking program, and someone who was not suppose to touch the robot changed some programming, we are trying to get our program to advance the count in our registers. I know it is suppose to be something simple like a mathematical operator but can not remember. It is a pallet of steel tubes, 12 high and 4 across. When the program is ran, it picks and places, but will not advance to the next part.

If anyone can help me out here it would be greatly appreciated.
Kawasaki Robot Support Forum / Re: D+ Controller need help.
« Last post by kwakisaki on Today at 05:56:58 PM »
No problem.
We try and keep clean boards and when many posts contain same questions at the same time, invariably any response/reply should be posted twice, thus duplicating posts...……. :beerchug:

I have posted the information you've asked for here: https://www.robot-forum.com/robotforum/kawasaki-robot-support-forum/d-controller-code-is-mismatch-between-software-and-power-block
Kawasaki Robot Support Forum / Re: Kawasaki FS030L no cotrol power
« Last post by kwakisaki on Today at 05:54:19 PM »
My experience with this type of error has been based on intermittent connectivity from encoder all the way back to the 1GB Board, either:
- Connections loose/not secure.
- Internal harness failure where conductor is internally worn and shorting to internal shield ground when robot moves in a particular area.

Therefore, if you cannot clear the error, then:
1. Remove side plate for JT2 Motor Axis and confirm cable/harness is not damaged/pinched in any of the internal clamps.
2. Check X3A Connector on Rear of Robot is firm and secure (remove first and also check no pins are bent/pushed in).
3. Check X3 Connector on Controller is firm and secure (remove first and also check no pins are bent/pushed in).
4. Check CN2 Connector on 1GB is firm and secure by removing and reconnecting with audible click and pull test.
5. Manual Brake release on JT2 (you will need assistance with gravity/support of JT2 axis) and try and return JT2 position to nearby the position you started from and watch 'monitor screen for position values changing with manual movement'.
6. See if the error can be cleared again - This may result in you having to also re-zero JT2 also.
7. If so, then manually get the robot in a position where you can move JT2 across the full envelope without colliding with peripherals.
8. Use Joint mode and jog JT2 across full envelope.
9. If error re-occurs during this, I suspect internal harness maybe stretched at certain position causing break in conductor/short circuit.
- This would mean internal harness requires replacing.
10. If error does not re-occur, then it is possible when moving JT1 or JT3, this could influence cable stretch causing error on JT2 instead.
- This would mean internal harness requires replacing.

I think from memory, JT1/JT2/JT3 uses same route/cable for internal harness, so if you could check individual JT1-JT3 motion, this would prove internal harness issue - this is not an uncommon problem considering age of robot.
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Finding rotation around Z axis
« Last post by HawkME on Today at 05:14:50 PM »
You could train them to correctly orient the tool.  Maybe even have an arrow pointing or pictures in an instruction manual.

If they need a diagonal slot or routing on a slanted surface then tool offsets would cover that situation.

If you only want orthagonal then I would suggest creating points with preset orientations for the different faces. Then they could select the from a starting orientation and jog x,y,z to the starting point.
IT'S solved, my home position was different from the stick that it is the controller.
Hey, i have a problem, when i move the robot in coordinate system, the don't move regulary, for example, i move the robot in X, but the robot don't make a regulare move, he moves the 6th axis and when i check the current position, the Y and Z variables are changing. Can anyone know what it is? My robot is a gp12 and the controller the YRC1000
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Finding rotation around Z axis
« Last post by TitusLepic on Today at 03:33:09 PM »
I thought about that, the problem with that method is that I can't control the rotation about tool Z when the operator teaches the point, and I need the slot to be parallel to the user XY plane. The tool offset method will only work if the tool X axis is parallel to user XY.
Kawasaki Robot Support Forum / Re: D+ Controller need help.
« Last post by jvaughn79 on Today at 03:16:25 PM »
sorry my bad won't happen again. :merci:
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