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Like what Sir Fabian Munoz said about this conversation, there are many ways to write the program specially when using Master Job.
You may also switch working jobs using the state of general purpose Input Signals.
For example, use the IN#1 to IN#8 as the signal for specifying the type or use any Input Signals.
Please output the signal of the job you want to work from PLC.
The robot checks the state of the signal and executes the allocated work job.


DIN B000 IG(#01)

There you have it, you can switch jobs.
Hope this will help you.
I don't know what they mean but may tell you what can help you.

Go to system variable and open $DCSS_CCSCB parameter. In that parameter you will find $FRCINI_CRC and $FORCE_INI variables. You need to manual enter the values from old backup. It apply only for the version till version revision 11.
KUKA Robot Forum / Total number of blocks in the current program ?
« Last post by lionpeloux on Today at 09:19:27 AM »

KRC2, KR5002MT, KSS5.6

I would like to get the total number of blocks in a given src program. Is that possible ? I could not find a system variable to get this information. I can use $PRO_IP to know where the pointer currently is in the program, but my goal is to get an estimation of when the program should finish ... Is there another option to evaluate the progression of a running program ?
KUKA Robot Forum / Proposal : community-based documentation of KRL
« Last post by lionpeloux on Today at 09:15:04 AM »

Lots of people are complaining (understandably) about the quality of the documentation provided by KUKA to its customers.
Indeed we are often left with a bunch of crappy PDF documents, sometimes outdated, sometimes incorrect, sometimes incomplete ...
For a billion dollar company it is quite unfair (personal opinion !).

This forum is a great source of help for many of us, me included. There has been some attempts to propose here more structured documentation (see But the layout of a forum is not really adapted to this need.

So I have been working on a website for that. The source code is open to every one on github and I am looking forward
 for comments, suggestions and hopefully for skilled peoples wishing to get involved and to collaborate through the github repo.

KUKA Robot Forum / Re: ethernet KRL v2.2.7 communication
« Last post by lionpeloux on Today at 08:30:56 AM »

I've recently been using KukavarProxy successfully. I don't know anything about Ethernet KRL though...

I've provided a revised version of KukavarProxy (9.0) you can find here :
I'm also working on a client (windows only) that is yet quite capable. Have a look to the dev branch if you are familiar with C# :

I am planning to provide a first release of this client before July hopefully.

Well, I did check this manual several times but could not sort this out myself.
I've tested several format options but could not display a KRL message translating 10 to `B1010` for instance.

So I ended up with a custom function with bit per bit testing :

Code: [Select]

DECL INT validModeOP
DECL CHAR str[5]
DECL INT i, array[4]

array[1] = 'B1000'
array[2] = 'B0100'
array[3] = 'B0010'
array[4] = 'B0001'

str[1] = "B"
FOR i = 1 TO 4
  IF (validModeOP B_AND array[i]) == 0 THEN
    str[1+i] = "0"
    str[1+i] = "1"
RETURN str[]

I would still be interested by a solution with SWRITE and %r format if someone is able to manage this !
ABB Robot Forum / backup from real robot to robot studio
« Last post by fatal546 on Today at 08:05:01 AM »
hello everyone
I wanna try to back up real robot to robot studio. Firstly the version was not same acording to real robot and i upgrade my robotware version to 6.07. Then i click installation manager >System building> and i chose where i save my files but i can't click next button. Anybody have any idea about it? Fail image was attach :help:
ABB Robot Forum / Re: Identify Abb irb 6 robot controller.
« Last post by Oscar Antas on Today at 07:59:30 AM »
Ill check the battery before powering it in. Its been unpowerd for at least 10 years so they are probably need to be replaced.
I think on one robot you have installed option Expert Tech on the other not. And you want to touch up a not inline instruction like 'ptp xp1' .
Fanuc Robot Forum / Force Control Manuals for Fanuc Robot
« Last post by GK on Today at 06:53:04 AM »
Can anybody send links to download Force Control Manuals for Fanuc Robot ? In need of those. Thanking in advance.
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