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Yaskawa Motoman Robot Forum / Fine tag VS PL tag
« Last post by BAlexander on Today at 04:00:37 PM »
Does anyone know the difference between a fine tag and a PL tag and is one more accurate than the other also does anyone know why some of our DX100 controllers have both a fine tag and PL tag and some of the controllers only have a PL tag selection???
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Program checking robot position
« Last post by Robo_Eng_13 on Today at 03:51:33 PM »
You are on the right track, but you are missing a little. The commands you show do not have any comparison and would fail.

1. Yes, for mixed logic, you want the parenthesis
2. You will first use LPOS to pull your current position into a position register (PR[1] = LPOS)
3. For the conditional statement, you will likely want to compare each component of the PR against your thresholds.
 - If( PR[1:1] > 0 AND PR[1:1] < 10) Then...
4. Note, you must put the full condition for every step, you can not use AND and repeat only one side of the inequality.
5. All of this will show up in the Handling Tool Manual (i use MAROBHT8304141E REV C)
 - IF command details are located under 8.12.4 Conditional Branching Instructions
 - MIXED LOGIC 8.20 includes details on setting and manipulating values
 - Position Register information under 8.27, including manipulating specific elements of a register.
Fanuc Robot Forum / axis limit not working!?!?
« Last post by tg-techie on Today at 03:50:43 PM »
hello, so i am getting a  FANUC LR MATE 200ICC  up and running as my first new task at job. so far i have been able to get the robot to jog after fixing wiring and some weird parameter stuff.

however after getting it to jog the first time i went on a 1/2 hour lunch break with the robot left on. when i came back the robot would only move so far in certain directions. i later learned that this was because of axis limits in system->type->axis limits. so i adjusted them back to speck or safer.   having hence done that i  came back over a weekend and tried adjusting another parameter to avoid crashes with itself. however after changing j2 to (-55 and 120) and rebooting with the number changed the bot could still go outside of these axis limits. 

My Question Is:
Am i doing something wrong? is there a system var that toggles on and off axis lim?

 also how do you run a program in manual mode?

it is using a:
I pendant, type:  A05B-2518-C200#EMH, and r-30ia mate
as a controller, and it will be hooked up to a Haas mini mill.

Many Thanks!
Fanuc Robot Forum / Multiple Part Style Line Tracking Application
« Last post by jrv5207 on Today at 03:22:09 PM »
I have an application that has a pair of parts that travel down a conveyor line. The parts are a right and left orientation. So that means that their pick locations are mirrored.

I have an RFID reading tags as they are part specific and the robot decodes the rfid and sets the part style to a Register. In my tracking program I reference the Register and Set the part data that is stored into a Point into a PR located in the Tracking program. so PR[1: Pick]=P[1].

I am keeping track of the encoder counts and when they reach a certain count number(A distance i can specify with counts) they set a flag high.  In the tracking program i have three positions. A Offset pick pos, pick pos, and retreat pos. In between the picks it looks for the flag to skip out. This keeps the robot from error out with destination gone error. My only problem is that there is small window when the robot comes to the tracking program that the robot will skip the part and pick the next part in line with the wrong part information. The robot will jump back to the first picking motion instruction instead of exiting the program and going back into tracking program with the non tracking program. I do not have any logic that makes it jump to the first motion instruction.

Does anybody have any ideas to why or better way to implement this .

EDIT: I have try using the skip function that the line tracking provides but that has not been reliable.

KUKA LBR IIWA / LBR iiwa project syncronization issues
« Last post by asadt on Today at 02:57:02 PM »
Dear All,

I am trying to upload an iiwa project. This project will act as a server for matlab to communicate with the kuka controller. I got this from Matlab sunrise toolbox. However, when I try to synchronize the project to the controller, the sync fails, and I get an error that I don't know how to solve. The text of the dialogbox is as follows.

"The child nodes of catalog elements 'RootItem path="com.kuka/Project", usage=Topology, selection=1, Username: Project' and 'RootItem path="com.kuka/Project", usage=Topology, selection=1, Username: Project' are not compatible between the projects to be synchronized".

Does anyone of you have an idea how to deal with it?

Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Fanuc robot cell safety
« Last post by keyboard7 on Today at 02:55:57 PM »
We have put A chain with A special lock out lock with tag, like the ones used to lock out A machine when you are working on it. This is so that when someone opens the door, which has A switch wired to A safety
relay, they can lock the door open.  That way no one can come along and shut the door, and restart the robot when someone could be in there. This has never happened, but with 2 operators working this could happen.
Just something to think about, you can not ever be too safe when it comes to robots, and operators.
KUKA LBR IIWA / Cartesian Workspace Monitoring
« Last post by asadt on Today at 02:52:36 PM »
Dear All I want to add a PSM or worspace monitoring so that the robot does not smash into the table or the over head camera system.

When I go into the safety configuration. I see as shown in attachment.

I infer that the XYZABC is the orign and the LWH is the workspace as per the origin. But to define origin(XYZABC in mm), I need a reference too. Would that be the base of the robot? and I have to physically measure from the base to the origin and then measure the length width height around it.

If the above is the case then I can draw a very simple rectangle as the workspace. What If i need to have a more complex workspace for example from 0 - 5000 mm in x direction I can allow a height of 7000 mm but 5000 mm onward in Z I can only allow 5000 mm in height. 

Yaskawa Motoman Robot Forum / Re: motoman nx100 serching problem
« Last post by sutheran on Today at 02:49:59 PM »
how do I do this??
KUKA Robot Forum / Re: Anyone have a 3d model of a Kuka KR200 sp2
« Last post by uberdoom on Today at 02:11:31 PM »
Yes, dm me with contact info and your specific robot. 
Yaskawa Motoman Robot Forum / Re: Output an integer > 255
« Last post by asgary64 on Today at 02:05:17 PM »
can we help me?

if value was more how can break down it? for example i have 831236. how can i break down and send it on the outputs for PLC?
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