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 Fanuc compared to other brands

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April 18, 2018, 09:01:57 AM
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Hi all!

My experience is in Yaskawa Motoman (DX100) where I previously have been involved from purchasing robot cells and after delivery I have been in charge of programming the robots.

Now I work at another factory for another employer where we use Fanuc LR Mate. The only reason they have chosen Fanuc is because of one thing only.... they where the cheapest. They asked ABB, Kuka and Fanuc (not Yaskawa ???)  and Fanuc was the one with the lowest unit price. But now I am concerned that Fanuc might not be the best or the cheapest way in the end and I wonder if you guys and gals can bring some clarity into this.

First... my understanding is that Fanuc, compared to other brands (like ABB and Yaskawa) is not fully equipped from the beginning. Like a car, it is cheap in the beginning but when you add features and functions, you might end up with a pretty expensive piece of machinery. But when you buy a Yaskawa for instance the robot and the controller unit is what it is no matter what you will do with it. It is "fully" equipped from the beginning. I cannot recall that we had any discussions when purchasing a Yaskawa robot what kind of software features we need and how much they cost. We just bought a cell and this robot with this controller is included. Is my opinion about Fanuc not being fully equipped from the beginning a correct opinion?

Second... Fanuc seems quite strict when it comes to documentation and manuals. It is very frustrating when you cant find anything online. And since knowledge is the key to understanding how to use the Product I find it strange how Fanuc limits the available information on purpose. I Think things were easier with Yaskawa documents. But... am I right in my opinion?

Cheers! /Runis86

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April 23, 2018, 04:08:11 PM
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Global Moderator
In certain aspects, I agree with You.

In documentation regard, for example, while FANUC takes down online docs (as they did in this forum), Motoman has a site where You can download any manual You need, filling out a little registration form.

Other aspect I've think is a little bit ridiculous is the need to PAY for ASCII Upload option. Basically, in a regular FANUC controller, You can export .TP programs to .LS format (to read the programs in a PC), but if someone forget to buy this option while buying the robot, You can't load the .LS files to controller again. And to do some offline programming, You will need RoboGuide, that isn't the cheapest piece of software in the world.

May 04, 2018, 07:52:04 AM
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If I rephrase my question... what are the best reasons to go for Yaskawa instead of Fanuc?
The reasons I´ve found so far is:
- Price contra delivery scope
- Training possibilities (Swedish market)
- Documentation availability
- Support from supplier. Yaskawa seems to have more strenght in the support organization while Fanuc seems to rely on one person (Swedish market)

Can you figure out if there is any other reasons, not related to markets or geograpfical location, that is either pro or con for Yaskawa vs. Fanuc?

June 12, 2018, 03:51:37 PM
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I've used both Fanuc and Motoman extensively and for what its worth I much prefer the Fanuc UI to the Motoman/Yaskawa UI.

From a reliability standpoint they're pretty much the same and for us (system integrator for both brands) the prices with the specific software options we need are borderline identical all in.
Fanuc does tend to nickel and dime you for options but if you don't need a ton its not much of a factor.

As I said I typically prefer Fanuc to Motoman on the UI alone. Easier to integrate and much faster to program. Plus I think Fanuc's motion modifiers are much better than motoman (tool offsets from points and the like).

June 12, 2018, 05:24:26 PM
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I have used ABB, Fanuc and Motoman as well.  None of them come fully optioned from the factory by default.  They all have options which must be purchased for certain purposes you have in mind.  In my opinion, however, Fanuc seems to be the least optioned.  Cool thing about ABB is that if you have the knowledge and skill, you could write your own "option" to do what  the purchased option would do.  Sealing, Spotwelding, etc.,  The thing is there that you could easily burn up so much time = money writing and debugging, that you would be better off buying the option.  I prefer ABB motion control to both of the others as well; what you see in teach is what you get in auto.  As far as construction, Motoman look a lot like a Fanuc only painted a different color.  Teach pendant programming is pretty similar to me for the Fanuc and Motoman.

July 09, 2018, 09:52:17 PM
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Volvo v.s. Saab (not anymore) Ford v.s. Chevy and so on...

Most importantly, what's the application ?

Personally I think the market you're in dictates a LOT - I gather that you're based in Sweden (based on your posts) where ABB probably have a ~60-70% market share, Yaskawa/Motoman ~20% and Kuka and Fanuc is fighting for the rest. In the US the tables are turned, Fanuc has 50-60% ABB ~10-15%, Kuka and Yaskawa about the same...

Fanuc is fairly new in Sweden so their support network is not going to be what it is for ABB and Yaskawa, but then again, if the plant is already used to Fanuc then what is the cost of training them on a different brand / system, etc.  Then again, what is the cost of holding spares (as the support isn't 100% compared to ABB/Yaskawa).

If you're looking for an LR-Mate sized robot you can also throw UR into the mix.

July 20, 2018, 10:11:39 AM
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until now i see many robot brands (ABB,DURR,Kuka,Fanuc,Staubli,COMAU) and for my personal opinion, the better one for programming
and user-friendly is ABB.
With Rapid Language you can do a lot of thing, if you know how to program it, the rapid language is pretty near a pc high level language, so any
higher option price worth its buying, and you can easly find manuals for free also askying directly to customer support. Robot Studio is freely downloadable and you can easily learn and test your programs.

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July 21, 2018, 08:54:49 PM
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My personal preferences:
Fanuc > ABB >>> UR

Fanuc has better UI than ABB.

I wouldn´t recommend UR.
Price is way too high for some hollow aluminum tubing and electronics. Up there with the big guys (Fanuc/ABB) in price.
Compare Fanucs M-10iD/12 with UR10.

29kg vs 145kg (Fanuc being heavier, best $$$/kg).
Huge difference in max. speed (Fanuc being faster).
2kg more payload (Fanuc carrying more).
Internal routing for pneumatic hoses/tubing (Fanuc has, UR doesn´t).
Price is about the same (±15%).

I would only consider UR if I was looking for a beginner-friendly system or if I were to place the robot in a "collaborative-setup".

TLDR; Personal opinion: Fanuc is the best, ABB second. UR are crazy/greedy with their pricing.

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