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 Choosing a used robot for a metal coating application.

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December 26, 2018, 05:59:19 PM
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Greetings All,
First post on this forum.
I'm looking to buy a used Fanuc s430 robot or similar reach/price/serviceability robot.
We will be using it to make a 1.1" weave down a 72" length strip with .04-.05 stepover so lots of repetitive motion within a limited range.
It will need to have a digital IO board and provisions for running on 240v 3 phase.
We only have single phase 240vac now so I will need a three phase converter.
We have gantry robots now that are basically G-code based but I think we can take advantage of the used robot market as we move into automating larger jobs.
I have some experience programming a Fanuc s420 RJ2 robot but it was 15 years ago and my memory is horrible so I will basically be starting from scratch. IE I'm not tied to the Fanuc brand.
Is there a better choice out there than Fanuc s430 for what I'm trying to do?
The fanuc s430 robots that I have found online have all been 480vac three phase. Can the jumpers be changed on the transformer to run 240vac or do I need to but another transformer?
Here is the process I'm trying to automate. You can fast forward to 1:25 in the video.

Also, do I want to bother with simulation software at all for these kind of applications?
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Renfrew PA

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December 26, 2018, 07:50:09 PM
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Werner Hampel

i think you can use every robot, not older than 10 Years for that.
The most of them are Accuracy enough.

Choose one, where Spareparts and Service is Available

December 26, 2018, 09:20:16 PM
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December 26, 2018, 09:27:44 PM
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Werner Hampel

about the Transformer: You defetly need 3 Phases for Higher Payload Robots.
Any Transformer dont Work.
There are Robots like Mitsubishi with Payload < 7 KG you can use them with 1 Phase.
I dont think you need Simulations Software for that, until you have a Robot with spare Range.

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