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 Airalab’s solutions help roboticists

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Roboticists are required to be dual faceted; they are both specialists and generalists. They must be able to examine the finer details related to their particular fields of specialization, while still maintaining a broader knowledge and clear understanding of the “big picture”.  :justice:

The (, produced by Airalab, encompasses the interaction between Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) in accordance with the principles of Robonomics; all in accordance with broader Industry 4.0 automation standards.

Airalab is currently building a decentralized economy of robots, and welcomes everyone :yesyesyes: to join and discuss the future of robots and CPS.

A brief educational video: Why we need the Economy of Robots (
Join the discussion about Robots and Industry 4.0 on our Telegram Chat. (
Use our open source solutions: (

Further details  :toothy9:
The team at Airalab ( implemented the Robot Operating System support for client realization in the This ROS framework is the most widely used by roboticists, with over 13 million ROS downloads in 2017 alone. The implements the standard of interaction between human-robot and robot-robot (Decentralized, works with the aid of Smart-contracts). The Robonomics platform runs on the Ethereum network. It enables individual, autonomous Cyber Physical Systems to offer their services, and for the creation of robotized supply chains that can respond to capital flow.

Why do you need to try it?  :n1:
It’s a good way to test a new technology that is currently shaping the future. Robots need blockchain. Why? Watch this Video

Read this Article (

You can build your own working application. Currently, with the aid of this protocol, you can program your own drones and robots to perform tasks received via the Ethereum network, send the results of your work, collect payments, etc. Work will be performed automatically; devoid of human interaction. An example of the current working solution is: You can easily build your own solutions for various industries, Smart Cities, agriculture, etc. Everything is limited purely by your imagination. As previously mentioned, the protocol is open source and we’ll be happy to see it being used.
It’s a lot of fun :dance2: Our team is always happy to help you with any and all technical questions. Just write us. (

Some experiments where the Airalab team implemented robotic economics protocol

-A Smart Taxi ( that demonstrates the interaction between separate, autonomous smart devices as they provide services for humans;
-Robonomics for Carbon Markets ( where a human-machine system reduces GHG emissions in Smart Cities;
-A practical example of Industry 4.0 ( in use, where intercorporate smart industrial areas of factories and logistics services can conduct activities, while humans only control manufacturing by means of capital;
-A Game of Trains ( that shows how robots can respond to capital flow between markets.

The is compatible with new robots, as demonstrated by the following programming languages utilized by the team:
ROS framework
Nix (Package manager)

Some of what Airalab’s provides in terms of solutions for roboticists:

-Building trust-to-sensor networks and goods produced at robotized factories in different cities;
-How to provide direct access to all users for ordering goods and services in Smart Cities;
-Transferring ownership to consumers of any product if no human party participates in production or logistics;
-Prompting a fully automated factory to understand the evolving needs of customers.

For more information about the
Github (
Whitepaper (
Website (
Telegram Channel (
Blog (

Join our community ( and let’s build the economy of Robots, together  :hammer1:

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