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 TP Screen Override?

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May 22, 2019, 01:28:12 AM
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We have a couple of R-2000iC robots with R-30iB controllers that have been in use for about two years. I've noticed a few differences between these and ones that we've had since I started 7 years ago and it's quite annoying. I've tried searching around a bit but have had no luck so here I am.

The issues i'd like to address are:

1. When the teach pendant is not in use the "User" blank white screen is always up by default. Even if I hit "Edit" to watch the job as it's running after some time it goes back to the "User" screen again. What can I change to have the current running job (Edit) as the default screen like the 65 other robots we have?

2. When the robots are running and I am scrolling through any other menu (i.e. I/O's, Variables, ect) as soon as the job cycle starts it overrides whatever i'm looking at and shows the job running through. Now I know you can hit monitor and scroll on but on all of our other robots if I have the Inputs open in the left screen and the Outputs open in the right screen and the job starts both screens stay up and I am free to scroll around. But if I have both the inputs and outputs open on these other two "newer" ones it overrides my left hand screen and opens the robot job back up. Is there a variable to be changed? Maybe something else?

Thank you guys in advance!

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May 22, 2019, 12:01:50 PM
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On #1, whoever configured that Robot probably didn't get the Menu Utility option.  It is now a paid option 5ish years ago & prior it was free.  Included in there was a program called Clear User Page.  It cleared any active user message & DIDN'T force the TP to the user screen.  Now since you probably don't have the option, whoever programmed it to get around not having it, probably made their own Clear User Page program & all it is is a whole bunch of empty MESSAGE[...] statements.  Which is fine, it accomplishes clearing the user page, but it forces the TP to that screen.  No way around it unless you block out the usage of that program.

On #2, what do you mean by job?  Do you mean it reverts to the program editor screen?

May 22, 2019, 07:45:18 PM
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 statements.  Which is fine, it accomplishes clearing the user page, but it forces the TP to that screen.  No way around it unless you block out the usage of that program.
If this is a paid option is there a way to see if my robots have it? Or is it basically if I did have it I wouldn't have this issue?

Yes, If I have the split screen up and have Inputs open on the left and Outputs on the right the second the job starts it boots me off the Input screen (or whatever screen is open on the left side of the pendant) and forces me into the Program Editor Screen as if I pressed the "EDIT" button.

Thank you for your help!
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May 23, 2019, 11:46:53 AM
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Easiest way to see Menu > Setup > Menu Utility.

Not sure on your 2nd issue.  Have never heard of forcing back to the edit screen beyond something being done in a karel

May 23, 2019, 08:19:32 PM
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I don't see the Menu Utility option on any of the robots we have. Even the ones that I don't have this issue with.

This is the most annoying of the two issues that i'm having since when i'm trying to use both screens it kicks me off every cycle. And the cycle time on this robot is something like 45 seconds. So I have 45 seconds before I lose my page again. I may just start using the triple screen and then i'll still be able to keep whatever I have open on the smaller two and just let the job run on the left hand side. We don't have the Karel option on any of our robots so it can't be that.  :hmmm:

Thank you agian for your help! May just be something I have to deal with.

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