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 Setting Up a Password System (with USB Keys)

Author Topic:  Setting Up a Password System (with USB Keys)  (Read 534 times)

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July 06, 2018, 05:06:54 PM
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I have been collecting information from the forum, manuals, Fanuc Tech Support, and my own experimentation for about a year now, and i am now working on a document for setting up the Fanuc Password System from scratch with my lessons learned.

Some things not yet addressed in the document.

1. the UT1 port requires a special option J957 USB port on iPendant

2. the UT1 port has some issues on different versions of the software. I had my first success with V8.30P/20, failed with V8.30P/13 and V8.30P/36, was told to upgrade to V8.30P/39, actually upgraded to V8.30P/40, and succeeded with that version.

3. If you make a change to the password level config XML and reload it, the keys will no longer work and need to be re-flashed. Make sure you have your levels setup how you want them before rolling out.

4. You must know the DCS password of the original robot and the new robot when transferring the syspass.sv file.

5. Tip. I randomly generated my passwords, and realized halfway through the i was using both capitol i and lowercase L interchangeably, due to the font i had printed my notes in. I suggest just axing these two characters entirely. I had less issues with O and 0, but may not want those either.

6. You CAN do the majority of the password setup in the background on a machine that is running production, which is very handy!

7. I always take an image and AOA backup of every robot before i do anything to it, just in case something goes majorly wrong.

8. There are emergency instructions in the HandlingTool manual for recovering if the Install User's information is lost, so your machine is not permanently bricked if someone runs off with that.

9. It seems like larger capacity flash drives, and non FAT formatting will work at UD1, but not UT1.

10. It seems like UT1 gets overwhelmed or something after a number of logins, and will become non-responsive to new plug ins. Cycling power corrects this. I have had no such issue on UD1.

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Im workin in a version8.3  of spot tool with a 16gb flash drive in the ut1, and i did'n have problem....sorry for my bad english.

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