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 FANUC R30iB register reading and I/O control with c#app

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July 03, 2019, 01:17:30 PM
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Well i need it to read registers from Fanuc robot controler with a c# app, there is no any fieldbus interface installed, no profinet, no PCDK just plain TCP/IP. And there is a request for controlling a some of DO and RO with the app to. I menaged to find a simple and stil robust solution with ssi server side includes nak kcl command injections. The video is just proof of possible concept.

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July 03, 2019, 04:51:00 PM
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If you need to read only then you can upload file with numeric registers information from robot's web browser. or *.VR if you need binary.
if will be somethings lile this:
Code: [Select]
[*NUMREG*]$NUMREG  Storage: SHADOW  Access: RW  : ARRAY[200] OF Numeric Reg
  [1] = 0  ''
  [2] = 0  ''
  [3] = 0  ''
  [4] = 0  ''
  [5] = 0  ''
  [6] = 0  ''
  [7] = 0  ''
  [8] = 0  ''
  [9] = 0  ''

Otherwise you need to dig into Fanuc TCP protocol and search how you can do it. You should be smart enough to find it. It won't be respected by Fanuc, but you can do it.

July 04, 2019, 05:22:05 AM
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Actually i did figure it out, there is just two more things i want to dig it out, start a tp progrma from C# app, and write a register value from c# app. I have some ideas and will posted if succeeded!

July 05, 2019, 04:23:56 PM
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July 12, 2019, 04:15:09 PM
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Im very impressed by this feat Grunftz. I imagine this is done without the R648 module?
Would you mind to share which documentation helped you to develop this, or give a more detailed technical explanation of how it works? I've read the an article of fanuc's WebServer so I have basic knowledge of it.

It would help me a lot since I'm from a small company whose Teach Pendant started to fail, and would like to make a C# HMI which would allow jogging and other features to our now stopped robot (in the meantime a new one arrives, which will not be in the near future). Already tried with TELNET KCL (does not support motion commands), ROBODK (not an option), and no karel compiler (so no Serial or SocketMessaging).

Btw, do you have a blog besides your youtube channel? I would like to start following people who are already in the industry to learn as much as I can or see possible projects.

July 16, 2019, 03:05:15 PM
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Thanks for interest, i will first try it to see, is it possible to make some kind of jogging application with this solution, will post it here! Regarding your question about web server, well i am injecting Karel commands trought http request and passing arguments for register Nr and value. It is quite simple.

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