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May 18, 2018, 12:15:51 PM
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Hello people! :icon_smile:

I have recently started to work as a robot technician on a company with a lot of Fanuc robots (200iC, 200iD etc). I haven't really got any special training on Fanuc robots, I mostly have gotten all the info and training of a guy who worked here before me. So I'm not really good at this, I mostly know the basics. I have only worked with ABB robots before.

Here is my questions:
1. The guy who worked here before me showed how I take backup on Fanuc with USB in the TP (I insert a Youtube clip below). But if the robot somehow loses any file in their memory, and I need to put up a new backup in. Will this type of Backup recover everything for my robot/controller? 


2. I've read that Controller Image backup basically copy EVERYTHING, but how do I take a Controller Image? And is a Controller Image better than the USB backup in the clip that I've linked?

Sorry if it's really amatuer questions, but my training it's about 3 months and I really want to learn now to impress my boss. Appreciate all the help I can get :fine:
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May 18, 2018, 12:42:23 PM
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Image Backups and All of the Above Backups each have their own pros and cons. Usually, if you backup a robot, you should take and store both.

An Image Backup creates a full duplicate of all FROM and SRAM (but not DRAM) memory. This means that as long as your robot is electrically functioning and can reach the boot stage of start up, you can restore it from any level of mistake. It is also what Fanuc typically needs to help remotely. The downside is that all of the specific information is bundled up in the image, so you can not load a specific program onto another robot. It is also dangerous to load an image from one robot onto another robot. Minor differences, especially differences in the size of memory cars, can brick the whole thing.

To make an Image Backup, cycle power either via FNCT->Cycle Power, or by turning the power switch off and back on. As soon as the power is off, hold the F1 and F5 keys to enter the boot menu. Once you see a full grey screen, you can release the keys. From here, select the option to backup and restore controller images, and in the next step, select backup (follow the same steps and choose restore to put an image back onto the controller). You will be asked to select the device, which should be either a Compact Flash Memory Card or a USB in UT1 or UD1. I personally have had issues with UT1 and try to always use UD1. It will also ask you a few questions about clearing the drive and using the current directory. Keep saying yes. (Wait until the question has fully loaded before giving answers, or it can get backed up). The image will take a few minutes to complete. Afterwards, you will go to the Configuration menu and then choose Cold Start.

An All of the Above (AOA) backup can be taken without cycling power, and can be loaded onto similar but non-identical robots. It also allows you to browse the specific files on a computer, or to load specific files onto a robot without loading the entire thing. the AOA backup has all programs and settings files, but should not be relied on to recover from a major software failure or corruption.

May 18, 2018, 04:32:07 PM
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Wow! A BIG thank you! This helped me alot  :cheer:

May 18, 2018, 05:05:20 PM
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I am glad i could help!

The reason i mentioned specifically that Image backups do not include DRAM, is because of a recent issue and resolution we had in our plant. We had a robot with a 32MB DRAM/CPU card, and had sent an image to Fanuc. They performed an update and sent it back to us, and when we loaded it, it worked, but we did not have enough remaining DRAM memory to create new points or programs. They informed us that they had done the update on a robot with 64MB DRAM, because 32MB is no longer produced. They also told us that the DRAM is pretty cross compatible, and we successfully upgraded the robot in question to a 128MB card, and reloaded the original image with no issues. You can not safely load Images onto robots with different sides FROM or SRAM memory, but different DRAM memory is totally okay, so you can upgrade that at any time without worrying about invalidating the image.

May 21, 2018, 12:13:55 PM
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An additional note, always put your robot into a known home or zero position before taking or restoring image backups. This will allow immediate easy mastering and calibration without having to try and line up witness marks. You may or may not still need to jog +/- 15 to 30 degrees to establish pulse, but you will be able to use the position reported by the robot and the known position to perform mastering, if needed. This has made my life easier in the past.

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