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Author Topic:  RCS installation - 6700_235_265  (Read 1810 times)

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September 18, 2017, 06:38:20 AM
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Hello Guys,

I need the irc5.cfg for the Robot 6700_235_265 ABB on the irbt 6004 12m all I have tried won't move the robot on the 7th axis.
The only config that I've got is the one for the normal one without the 7th axis then the robot moves but not on the irbt6004 12m.

any Help?  ???

thx forward  :icon_wink:


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October 02, 2017, 03:04:46 PM
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If everything is set up correctly you can build it yourself.
You must add the track to the robot description.

It should look something like this:

#  ABB IRB6640 2.75/205KG on Track 19.7m rotated 0 deg
-manipulator_type "Just give it a name"\
-secure_file "robots/irb1_6640/irbcfg/SEC_6640_2.75_205_1.cfg.enc"\
-internal_file "robots/irb1_6640/irbcfg/INT_6640_2.75_205_1.cfg"\
-external_file "robots/irb1_6640/irbcfg/EXT_6640_2.75_205_1.cfg"\
-calib_file "robots/irb1_6640/irbcfg/uncalib_1.cfg"\
-dc_file "robots/drv1_lib/drvcfg/INT_DCR3C3_DM1.cfg"\
-trafo_file "robots/drv1_lib/drvcfg/INT_TRAFO0_DM1.cfg"\
-secure_drive "robots/drv1_lib/drvcfg/SEC_DRIVE_3V3W_LOW_DM1.cfg.enc"\
-internal_drive "robots/drv1_lib/drvcfg/INT_DRIVE_3V3W_LOW_DM1.cfg"\
-external_drive "robots/drv1_lib/drvcfg/EXT_DRIVE_3V3W_LOW_DM1.cfg"\
-additional_file_1 "robots/drv1_lib/drvcfg/EXT_DRIVE_7U_DM1.cfg"\
-additional_file_2 "robots/Track/irb_6600/irbcfg/SEC_RB_66_1.cfg.enc" \
-additional_file_3 "robots/Track/irbt_6004/irbtcfg/SEC_T6004_D_19.7_1.cfg.enc" \
-additional_file_4 "robots/Track/irbt_6004/irbtcfg/EXT_T6004_D_19.7_1.cfg" \
-additional_file_5 "robots/Track/irb_6600/irbcfg/EXT_6640_2.75_205_LIN_1.cfg"
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October 13, 2017, 05:29:35 AM
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Hello Ynze,

I know i tried a lot of configurations in the cfg. but it won't drive.
At least I got the .cfg from ABB they said it should run on RCS Version rcsabb_rw5.15.12.irc5 with the configuration of them.
I tried it but it won't work with the .cfg any solutions?:

-manipulator_type "IRB_6700-235_2.65_BMW"\
-secure_file "Robots/irb1_6700/irbcfg/SEC_6700_2.65_235_1.cfg.enc"\
-internal_file "Robots/irb1_6700/irbcfg/INT_6700_2.65_235_1.cfg"\
-external_file "Robots/irb1_6700/irbcfg/EXT_6700_2.65_235_1.cfg"\
-calib_file "Robots/irb1_6700/irbcfg/uncalib_1.cfg"\
-dc_file "Robots/drv1_lib/drvcfg/INT_RECTIFIER_MDU790A_790_DM1.cfg"\
-additional_file_1 "Robots/drv1_lib/drvcfg/SEC_RECTIFIER_MDU790A_790_DM1.cfg.enc"\
-trafo_file "Robots/drv1_lib/drvcfg/INT_TRAFO0_DM1.cfg"\
-secure_drive "Robots/drv1_lib/drvcfg/SEC_DRIVE_MODULE1_MDU790A.cfg.enc"\
-internal_drive "Robots/drv1_lib/drvcfg/INT_DRIVE_MDU790A_790_DM1.cfg"\
-external_drive "Robots/drv1_lib/drvcfg/EXT_DRIVE_MODULE1_MDU790A.cfg"\
-additional_file_2 "Robots/drv1_lib/drvcfg/INT_DRIVE_ADU790A_790_M7_IR_DM1.cfg"\
-additional_file_3 "Robots/Tracks_TypeA/irb1_6700/irbcfg/SEC_RB_67_1.cfg.enc"\
-additional_file_4 "Robots/Tracks_TypeA/irb1_6700/irbcfg/EXT_6700_2.65_235_LIN_1.cfg"\
-additional_file_5 "Robots/Tracks_TypeA/irbt1_6004/irbtcfg/SEC_T6004_C_10.7_1.cfg.enc"\
-additional_file_6 "Robots/Tracks_TypeA/irbt1_6004/irbtcfg/EXT_T6004_C_10.7_1.cfg"\
-additional_file_7 "Robots/Tracks_TypeA/irbt1_6004/irbtcfg/EXT_T6004_M_1.cfg"

EDIT: The Robot Drives now on the Track I've interchanged Server and Client Data  :top:

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April 14, 2018, 03:19:01 PM
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Hello All,
     I want to configure 6700 robot with 6004 track.

     In program files and rrs bin there are lot of .cfg files are there for the tracks (inside irbt6004 folder) and robots(drvcfg folder) . how to select the correct one.