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 Denso Safety Motion - False Virtual Fence Collision

Author Topic:  Denso Safety Motion - False Virtual Fence Collision  (Read 717 times)

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September 27, 2018, 08:29:40 PM
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Hello All,

I am working on a Denso Scara HM-40854-U and am having a frustrating issue with the safety fences and speeds of the robot. I currently have a safety fence set around the Perimeter of the cell an inch from the lexan cover.

The issue is as I increase the speed in order to meet cycle time I begin to get a collision detection while a large distance away from the safety fence. With the Safety fence disabled i am able to safely run at the same speed without hitting the fence. so this issue seems to me like its a projected stop based on a anticipated collision with the safety fence based on the speed.

As the robot can run at the speed with the Fence disabled the collision detection is unwarranted. So is there a way to disable this projected stop?
Or am i on the wrong track and this is likely another issue.

Thank you in advance,

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You are talking about different things.
Protective stop - it's similar to FENCE on Fanuc. It means, that you jog/test robot manually with teach pendant with using safety speed when guarding unlocked. For production run your Protective stop signals should be locked.

Your robot hits fence, because in production run speed is higher and inertia is different.

November 14, 2018, 02:45:36 PM
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Thank you for the response,

i'm not talking about a protective stop signal.

i'm not comparing between manual and production. i'm running at full speed and comparing with the safety fence disabled and enabled.

If I disable the Safety fence I can do a production run at high speeds without coming close to the where the safety fence would have been.
When i enable the safety fence the robot will stop a distance from the fence when moving directly towards it.

in short with the safety fence off we can run production at higher speeds without issue.

which is why i am looking for away to disable or reduce the projected stop while maintaining the safety fence as the projected stop is unnecessarily stopping the robot.

the workaround thus far is to have the robot moving at slower speeds when going anywhere near the fence. this has caused us to take a hit to the cycle time and i don't believe we should have to when robot is capable of the movements at full speed production with the safety fence disabled.

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