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 Denso Robot Fault Ethernet/IP

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April 09, 2018, 04:49:45 PM
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Denso HM 4A853 + RC8 Controller + Ethernet/IP Card
Compact logix 1769-L36ER

The movement control is being done with the PLC via Ethernet/IP with the Command-slave option.
From time to time, the robots fails with no apparent reason. In the Error Log it shows:

Invalid value for the coordinate type of the target position (83503005)
Undefined I/O command (83502006)
Incorrect speed value (83503023)
Invalid value for the interpolation method setting (83503003)
Invalid Tool number for tool changing (83503013)

Command-Slave turned to be Disable (83500176).

This happens at random. We implemented a routine to detect these errors and reinitialize the robot and continue with the program sequence, but lately the frequency of the errors has increased.

Is there somebody that had experienced something similar?

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May 31, 2018, 07:41:38 PM
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I got in contact with people from Denso. They let me note i was using an old version of the AOI, and recommended to use the latest version that is in the Rockwell web page. I replaced/updated the AOI “CIP_DW_RC8_EIPIF” that was producing a race condition with the command data and the strobe signal. This was the main reason for the faults.
The older AOI was sending the strobe bit before updating the command data, producing the race condition. The updated AOI first updates the command data then send the strobe signal.

I was using the outdated version because the latest version was password protected and encrypted with RSLogix 5000 V21 and i was using V20 per customer request, so it couldn’t been imported into the PLC program, due a different type of encryption. The new AOI’s had to be decrypted to be able to import them into the PLC program.

There haven't been any issues with the robot since the modification.

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