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November 17, 2015, 07:13:46 AM
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Hi! I'm trying to configure a profibus i/o distributor without any success.

In my controller I have B&R X20IF1061-1 and X20IF1063-1 profibus master and slave. The master is connected to the base of the robot with the multibus cable. On top of the 3rd axe I've connected a BALLUFF BNI0047 Profibus Network interface configurable 16DIN/16DOUT. I've done the configuration with SYCON.net using the .GSD device description file from BALLUFF. I've exported it with WinC5G making the .SPB file. I've copyed this file on the controller in UD:\SYS\CNFG but as soon as I try to configure the master modeule on IO_cnfg program on the controller I receive an error wich is "master network configuration error". I'm not able to figure out what is wrong... could someone take a look at my SYCON.net project since it seems that the problem is in there.


Today at 08:37:33 AM
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November 20, 2015, 08:40:01 AM
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Hi! Solved troughtout the COMAU assistance. The configuration file was right. For some reasons the problem was a previously done configuration. I've simply deleted the .CIO file into UD:\SYS\CNFG and made a cold restart. After the boot up I've copyed the .SPB file of my Profibus Configuration into UD:\SYS\CNFG and and then I've proceded with Io_cnfg...

August 30, 2018, 07:22:01 PM
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Hello everyone! I'm having a similar problem. I'm trying to configure a profibus i/o distributor without any success. I'm using in my controller the X20IF1061 profibus master and slave. As a master, I'm using a SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-300 CPU. As a slave, I'm using a robotic arm COMAU. I am trying to connect comau robot With s7-300. The X20IF1061 is configured but it didn't recognize the CLP. It keeps indicating a error bus. Could someone help me. Is there a manual guide to setup it all. I don't even have a manual guide with all the steps and a memory map to establish communication thru the bus.

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I really like these things. Always trying to find information but didn't find the answer

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