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August 07, 2018, 08:21:48 AM
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Would there be any reason that I am not able edit the weld voltage, wire feed and weld speed like shown in the image. The robot is connected to a fronius tps 320i welder and I was wondering does the welder update this data when a job starts or are you meant to set this in the teach pendant and if so how is this done.

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August 07, 2018, 10:54:42 AM
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Tuning is for when you're running the program.

To edit the data, just select the data in the ArcL/C line and choose Edit > Value

August 15, 2018, 02:23:41 AM
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Thanks! I have a follow-up question: why do I have only one parameter available for a welddata entry? See the picture:

August 15, 2018, 09:28:43 AM
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Depends on how your system is configured...

With a Fronius TPS you control everything from the powersource and it's pendant and generally speaking you only control on/off and travelspeed from the ArcL instructions / Welddata.
Program / Job numbers had to be called via group inputs (e.g. SetGo on the robot).

If you look at the equipment class below, you can see that this particular system had controls (tuning, not setting) for voltage and wirefeed.


      -name "FRON_EQIP" -di_arc_OK "diArc_Est" -ign_timeout 1.4\
      -arc_ok_delay 0.5 -do_gas_ON "doGas" -do_power_ON "doWELD" -arc_preset 0.2\
      -do_feed_ON "doFeedFFW" -do_feed_bwd "doFeedREW" -ao_voltage "aoVoltage"\
      -ao_wirefeed "aoPower"


Code: [Select]
    SetAO awPulseCorr,Weld.Dynamic_Corr;
    SetAO awBurnbackCorr,Seam.BurnBck_corr;
    SetGO go_mode,WorkMode;
    SetGO go_job,Seam.Job_no;
    SetGO go_prog,Seam.Program_no;

The attached CFG's (S4C+) below are for a system that was set up with the Beckhoff 5200 "translator" I/O in the back of the Fronius Powersource.

Code: [Select]

      -name "FRON_SYS" -aw_units "AW_UNIT" -aw_functions "FRON_FUNC"\
      -aw_equipment "FRON_EQIP" -aw_weldguide "SELECTED_WG"

      -name "AW_UNIT" -velocity_unit "mm/s" -length_unit "mm" -feed_unit "m/min"

      -name "SI_UNIT" -velocity_unit "mm/s" -length_unit "mm" -feed_unit "mm/s"

      -name "US_UNIT" -velocity_unit "ipm" -length_unit "inch" -feed_unit "ipm"

      -name "FRON_FUNC" -restart_on  -restart_dist 5 -regain_speed 50\
      -no_of_retrys 5 -scrape_on  -scrape_opt_on  -scrape_width 3 -scrape_dir 45\
      -scrape_cycle_time 1 -ignition_on  -ignition_move_delay_on \
      -delay_dist_on  -weave_on  -burnback_on  -precond_on  -override_on \

      -name "FRON_EQIP" -di_arc_OK "diArc_Est" -ign_timeout 1.4\
      -arc_ok_delay 0.5 -do_gas_ON "doGas" -do_power_ON "doWELD" -arc_preset 0.2\
      -do_feed_ON "doFeedFFW" -do_feed_bwd "doFeedREW" -ao_voltage "aoVoltage"\
      -ao_wirefeed "aoPower"

      -name "SELECTED_WG"

Code: [Select]

      -Name "CAN2" -Driver "/BASE2:" -CfgPath "Home/can2_cfg.txt"

      -Name "Dvnet" -VendorId 108 -VendorName "BK" -DeviceType 12\
      -DeviceDriver "DNGeneric" -ProductId 5200 -ProductName "BK" -MajorRev 3\
      -MaxDigin 129 -MaxDigout 129 -MaxAnin 4 -MaxAnout 4

      -Name "FRON_BOARD" -Type "Dvnet" -Bus "BASE" -Address "7" -Digin 96\
      -Digout 96 -Anin 4 -Anout 4 -PollRate 10


      -Lact "doSE1_SEL & *diArc_Est" -Lres "diSE_VALID"

      -Lact "diArc_Est" -Lres "diSE1_DET"


      -Name "doWELD" -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 1

      -Name "doQstop" -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 2 -Invert

      -Name "doMod1" -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 3

      -Name "doMod2" -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 4

      -Name "doMod3" -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 5

      -Name "doGas" -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 9

      -Name "doFeedFFW" -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 10

      -Name "doFeedREW" -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 11

      -Name "doQuitErr" -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 12 -Invert

      -Name "do_Air" -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 14

      -Name "doJob1" -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 17

      -Name "doJob2" -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 18

      -Name "doJob3" -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 19

      -Name "doJob4" -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 20

      -Name "doJob5" -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 21

      -Name "doJob6" -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 22

      -Name "doJob7" -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 23

      -Name "doJob8" -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 24

      -Name "doProg1" -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 25

      -Name "doProg2" -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 26

      -Name "doProg3" -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 27

      -Name "doProg4" -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 28

      -Name "doProg5" -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 29

      -Name "doProg6" -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 30

      -Name "doProg7" -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 31

      -Name "doInhibit" -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 32

      -Name "diArc_Est" -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 1

      -Name "diProcess" -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 3

      -Name "diPowerOn" -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 4

      -Name "awCollSens" -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 5 -Invert

      -Name "diCommErr" -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 6 -Invert

      -Name "diReady" -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 7

      -Name "diErr1" -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 9

      -Name "diErr2" -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 10

      -Name "diErr3" -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 11

      -Name "diErr4" -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 12

      -Name "diErr5" -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 13

      -Name "diErr6" -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 14

      -Name "diErr7" -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 15

      -Name "diErr8" -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 16

      -Name "aoPower" -Type "AO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 1 -LogMax 1.6667\
      -PhMax 0.5

      -Name "aoVoltage" -Type "AO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 2 -LogMax 30\
      -LogMin -30 -PhMax 0.5

      -Name "awPulseCorr" -Type "AO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 3 -LogMax 5\
      -LogMin -5 -PhMax 0.5

      -Name "awBurnbackCorr" -Type "AO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 4 -LogMax 200\
      -LogMin -200 -PhMax 0.5

      -Name "diMCLN_FIN" -Type "DI" -Unit "B_POS_OP_21" -Phsig 7 -Access "All"

      -Name "sen1" -Type "DI" -Unit "B_POS_OP_21" -Phsig 8 -Access "All"


      -Name "go_mode" -Type "GO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 3 -Length 3

      -Name "go_prog" -Type "GO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 25 -Length 7

      -Name "go_job" -Type "GO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 17 -Length 8

      -Name "gi_error" -Type "GI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -Phsig 7 -Length 8


      -Phsig 1 -Type "AO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 32 -NoOfBits 16\
      -HighDigital 131071

      -Phsig 2 -Type "AO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 49 -NoOfBits 16\
      -HighDigital 65535

      -Phsig 3 -Type "AO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 65 -NoOfBits 8\
      -HighDigital 255

      -Phsig 4 -Type "AO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 73 -NoOfBits 8\
      -HighDigital 255

      -Phsig 1 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD"

      -Phsig 2 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 1

      -Phsig 3 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 2

      -Phsig 4 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 3

      -Phsig 5 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 4

      -Phsig 6 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 5

      -Phsig 7 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 6

      -Phsig 8 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 7

      -Phsig 9 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 8

      -Phsig 10 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 9

      -Phsig 11 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 10

      -Phsig 12 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 11

      -Phsig 13 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 12

      -Phsig 14 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 13

      -Phsig 15 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 14

      -Phsig 16 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 15

      -Phsig 17 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 16

      -Phsig 18 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 17

      -Phsig 19 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 18

      -Phsig 20 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 19

      -Phsig 21 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 20

      -Phsig 22 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 21

      -Phsig 23 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 22

      -Phsig 24 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 23

      -Phsig 25 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 24

      -Phsig 26 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 25

      -Phsig 27 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 26

      -Phsig 28 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 27

      -Phsig 29 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 28

      -Phsig 30 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 29

      -Phsig 31 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 30

      -Phsig 32 -Type "DO" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 31

      -Phsig 1 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD"

      -Phsig 2 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 1

      -Phsig 3 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 2

      -Phsig 4 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 3

      -Phsig 5 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 4

      -Phsig 6 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 5

      -Phsig 7 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 6

      -Phsig 8 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 7

      -Phsig 9 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 8

      -Phsig 10 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 9

      -Phsig 11 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 10

      -Phsig 12 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 11

      -Phsig 13 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 12

      -Phsig 14 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 13

      -Phsig 15 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 14

      -Phsig 16 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 15

      -Phsig 17 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 16

      -Phsig 18 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 17

      -Phsig 19 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 18

      -Phsig 20 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 19

      -Phsig 21 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 20

      -Phsig 22 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 21

      -Phsig 23 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 22

      -Phsig 24 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 23

      -Phsig 25 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 24

      -Phsig 26 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 25

      -Phsig 27 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 26

      -Phsig 28 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 27

      -Phsig 29 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 28

      -Phsig 30 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 29

      -Phsig 31 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 30

      -Phsig 32 -Type "DI" -Unit "FRON_BOARD" -StartBit 31
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August 15, 2018, 03:59:38 PM
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Wow! Thank you for such a detailed response! I will look up what the configuration in my system. Are these CFG file something that comes with the welder's controller package? Or are they custom-written for every system?

Our system has a Miller Auto-Axcess 450 welder unit, and according to its manual the welddata parameters should accessible from the teach pendant. But I will the configuration first. Thank you for the tip!

 Actually, I was going to calibrate the welder, and for that I need two welding schedules with two different sets of welddata parameters (particularly, speed and voltage).


August 15, 2018, 04:48:37 PM
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Miller is slightly different from Fronius in the sense that it's more of a traditional synergic power-source where you select your synergic line as a schedule (3-bit group output) and then program actual wirefeed and voltage trim.

on Fronius you set a workpoint on the powersource / select program and job schedules and then adjust/trim wirefeed/voltage from that.

Nowadays you'll get most of the configurations with the robot IF  you purchase the (integrated) powersource, on the S4's it was more of a crap-shoot and it all depended on who you bought your equipment from.

I can post a configuration from a system more suitable for the Miller later tonight...

August 15, 2018, 06:24:38 PM
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IF[/b]  you purchase the (integrated) powersource, on the S4's it was more of a crap-shoot and it all depended on who you bought your equipment from.

I can post a configuration from a system more suitable for the Miller later tonight...

I'd very much appreciate if you could share these configurations. I checked mine, and what I have found is shown on the pictures. Was I looking in the right place: System Parameters -> Arc Weld System/Arc Weld equipment?

I don't have the specifics on what was the initial configuration but I know the system was fully functional until it was disconnected from power, which cleared the memory. I am still in the very beginning of the learning curve when comes to robotics and welding.

Today at 09:17:32 AM
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August 15, 2018, 06:31:12 PM
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I also found the backup CFG files. Here is PROC.CFG:

Code: [Select]

      -name "MILLER" -aw_units "US_UNIT" -aw_functions "MIL_FUNC"\
      -aw_equipment "MIL_EQUIP" -aw_weldguide "EMPTY_WG"

      -name "SI_UNIT" -velocity_unit "mm/s" -length_unit "mm" -feed_unit "mm/s"

      -name "US_UNIT" -velocity_unit "ipm" -length_unit "inch" -feed_unit "ipm"

      -name "MIL_FUNC" -restart_on  -restart_dist 0.25 -regain_speed 10\
      -no_of_retrys 2 -scrape_on  -scrape_opt_on  -scrape_width 0.25\
      -scrape_dir 90 -scrape_cycle_time 0.25 -ignition_on  -weave_on  -fill_on \
      -burnback_on  -override_on  -autoinhib_on

      -name "MIL_EQUIP" -di_man_feed "diWF_MAN" -di_weld_inhibit ""\
      -di_track_inhibit "" -di_superv_inhibit "" -di_stop_process ""\
      -di_arc_OK "diARC_EST" -ign_timeout 2 -di_volt_OK "" -di_curr_OK ""\
      -di_feed_OK "" -di_gas_OK "diGAWR_EST" -di_torch_OK ""\
      -di_wirestick_err "" -do_sched_strobe "" -do_aw_err "" -do_gas_ON "doGAS"\
      -do_power_ON "doWELD" -arc_preset 0.1 -do_feed_ON "doFEED" -do_feed_bwd ""\
      -go_sched_port "goPRG_SEL" -schedport_type 1 -ao_voltage "aoWD_REF"\
      -ao_voltage_adj "" -ao_wirefeed "aoFEED_REF" -ao_current_adj ""\
      -do_process_stopped "" -do_supervision_arc "" -do_supervision_voltage ""\
      -do_supervision_current "" -do_supervision_water "" -do_supervision_gas ""\
      -do_supervision_torch "" -do_supervision_wirefeed ""

      -name "EMPTY_WG" -di_wg_ready "" -do_wg_inhib "" -do_wg_track ""\
      -do_wg_left_sync "" -do_wg_right_sync "" -gi_wg_height_corr ""\
      -gi_wg_side_corr "" -di_wg_data_valid "" -do_wg_data_ack ""

August 16, 2018, 01:48:17 AM
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OK, I think I figured how to change the welding parameters (seamdata, welddata, weavedata), at least for my system (ABB IRB 1400 + Miller Auto Axcess 450). When I create a new set of instructions (e.g., welddata), the system only allows to set one parameter: in my case it was weld_speed (see the picture attached to a post above). However, when the ArcL line with all instructions was entered, I was able to go back the welddata, highlighted it, and went to menu Edit -> Value. This command allowed to enter the full set of instructions of that particular welddata entry. The same approach also worked with seamdata and weavedata. I was not sure what every instruction means so looked them up in the arcware manual. As far as I understand, some values (e.g., voltage) can only be obtained with a trial-and-error approach. 

Also, initially I did not turn on "Arc Control" mode on the welding controller. And this was a reason why the robot and welder were not communicating  :icon_mrgreen:

August 16, 2018, 10:57:09 AM
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Have you made a P-Start ? By the looks of things I'm guessing you haven't...   (   Service - restart, hit 2-5-8 on the keypad, select P-Start ?  )
(sometimes you'll have to do it twice in a row, so I recommend doing that without checking if the 1st attempt made any difference).  i.e. P-start, wait for the robot to come back, P-Start again... wait... and now you should be good to go.

Please note that this will wipe out your programs (so save them first) but it's necessary to do that after you change your AW configuration in order to reset / re-initiate / re-configure RAPID.

Once you've done that and create a new weld/seam/weave-data it should have the correct components.

If you try and reload a program made with the wrong configuration (e.g. just weld-speed in your data) it will now complain about too few components in welddata.

I would not recommend using "*" for weld data/seam data.... it's not universal and you'll have to edit the values on every single line.

August 16, 2018, 04:43:59 PM
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To be honest, I don't even know what P-start is. I just read up on that, and found this a way to activate welding parameters. What does "activate welding parameters" this mean?
Is P-start only used to active parameters whatever ProcessWare you are using or is only for welding?

Yesterday when I was trying to change welddata parameters, the controller froze, and after a few seconds requested a warm start, which I did. And that exactly what happened: it did complain about too few parameters. 

Do you mind checking whether these steps are correct?

1. Save all programs (what about controller parameters? are they not being erased?)
2. Service -> File ->Restart -> Enter 2 5 8 -> Select P-start
3. After the controller had re-started reload programs (BTW, should they stay in the root of the ramdisk or it is ok to make a directory?)
4. Get access to welddata and other instructions.


August 16, 2018, 05:10:34 PM
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I know we're splitting hairs but I wouldn't say that it activates the welding parameters because they're already active. :justice:

What it does is that it "reset / re-initiate / re-configures"  RAPID (the robot's programming language).
It basically re-configures the seam, weld and weave datatypes to match your process configuration.

The controller shouldn't really sysfail from a P-Start so I'm not sure what's going on there.
(unless you're loading a backgroundtask that's configured that way and it's got some errors in it)

Your steps looks alright to me and it's perfectly fine to place the modules in different folders.

When it complains about the components - I wouldn't bother trying to "fix" it, just delete the data and re-create it with the same name.

August 16, 2018, 06:19:53 PM
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Thanks, this does makes a lot of sense.

That failure occurred prior to a restart. Actually, I haven't tried doing the p-start yet.

August 28, 2018, 02:09:14 AM
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Thank you all for helping! I am going to start a new thread on the welding programming.

Today at 09:17:32 AM
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