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 The system doesn't boot!!!

Author Topic:  The system doesn't boot!!!  (Read 116 times)

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February 11, 2019, 09:48:52 PM
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Hello everyone
I have a big problem, my system (Abb irb 1400 S4C) don't boot

The thing is that I have inserted the wrong key disk and boot disk 1
After it my system froze and it printer "Don't turn off the system, Wait... "anything happened
it froze and continued indefinitely.
So I turned the system off and I when I turn it on, I see only like load screen and timer (00001,00002...) and nothing happens

So I can't install the system
I tried to pull out batteries but nothing

Please tell what it could be
Did someone have this problem?

I would be very grateful for any suggestions.
Thank you!!!
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February 12, 2019, 10:36:04 PM
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I have read similar topics about this problem and I have some questions:
my system is Abb rib 1400 m97a

1) Does the system has its own (BIOS)? If yes where is it located? Could BIOS be corrupted? What happens when the system starts without BaseWare?
2) Does m97a has Flash memory? And also if yes where is it...
3) Does teachPedant has its own memory and what is written on it?
4) I have found some information in posts about image.bin and one of the solutions the problem is do delete image.bin and the system will rebuild it, so the question is does my system (m97a) have img file, can I perform this operation? And I don't quite understand how could the system rebuild this file. What is the role of img file? (is it bios?)
Here[/url] is an article about HyperTerm(inal) on Win 7 (or above).

Code: [Select]
Laptop PC IP =
Robot Service Port IP =
Subnet Mask:
5) When I see red Leds on main comp, robot comp and memory - what it means?
6) In one of the topics I have read the solution of kind of my problem - replace teachPedant (so how could change of teachPedants have influence on booting the system)
7)I have another robot computer and memory, so the question is : Is it safe to change them (if I damaged (or corrupted) something on the boards, then I’m afraid to insert new cards to NOT to have damage on new cards (maybe something wrong could be installed on it))

Please answer if you have any answers on any questions
I have big amount of question but I will be so thankful if you could answer it.

Thank you!!!
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