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December 27, 2018, 09:21:37 PM
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I was always tought that 'callibration' (not update revolution counters) was only neccesary when replacing a motor.
Can callibration also be lost (or callibration necessary) when the robot makes a heavy crasch?
What tools does it take to do the callibration of a robot? Is it one tool for all axes, or seperate tools?
What do they cost? Is there a difference in callibration of recent robot compared to older types?

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December 28, 2018, 04:52:14 PM
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Hi Plc_User,

Normally, when the servo changes Rev. Counter is not correct.Fine Calibration. is required. Because each motor has its own Motor Offset value. The motor offset changes when the motor is removed. I didn't see the calibration go when the robot crashed.

If all axes are gone at the same time, the job is difficult. It is helpful to get a fixed MoveABSJ point. For example; Connect a needle to the 6th axis or tool of the robot. Put a stationary needle into the access area. Take the robot there, put a point on the tip of the needle. Always keep this program, don't delete it. If the calibration of the 1 axis disappears, first calibrate the robot to the zero position. Call this program. If the robot goes to the tip of the needle, the programs do not shift. If you are not at the end, just find the margin of error by moving the axis of the calibration. Compare the old value with the value that should be. Get the robot back to zero. Move that axis in the + and ya - direction until the difference occurs. Re calibrate the bass. The programs will be improved. That's how I make it. It worked in many places.
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