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DNet 709-1
« on: June 13, 2018, 06:17:47 PM »
hello to all...
in IRC5 for communication there is only DeviceNet 709-1 Master/Slave card. I want to control IRC5 as slave to PLC S7-1200. For prfinet to Devicenet i use anybus gateway.
when i configure gateway with Gateway as a Slave to IRC5 (byte size 20) it starts communication with Gateway but when i want to take IRC5 as a Slave and configure it as slave with polled connection and RX/TX size 20 bytes, it gives an error,
(Device failed to Initialize, timeout ).
is there some issue with 709-1 Card , it can only behave as a master or can be configured as slave.
any help plzzzz i have tried soo many times using DN-Slave also (just change vendor id and code in DN-Slave ) also add a new unit type HMS-Gateway and link it to new unit but nothing works for me...
any help from ABB plz. i don't know why the bit in plc not communicating to IRC5... :wallbash: