Miniature coupling for pallet handling with small robots

The slim robot couplings with optimized interfering contours of the SCHUNK VERO-S NSR series are setting benchmarks in highly efficient, robot-supported pallet exchange on machine tools in a weight class from 1 kg to 1,000 kg for many years. With the compact VERO-S NSR mikro 60 miniature coupling SCHUNK transfers now the principle of rapid pallet exchange onto the growing world of small robots. Due to the patented dual stroke system, the 60 mm wide module has a weight of 150 g and provides high maximum moments of up to 12 Nm (Mx and Mz). It is suitable for reliable pallet handing of up to 5 kg (at maximum 100 x 100 mm). Locking is done in a form-fit, and self-retaining manner. For unlocking, a pneumatic system pressure of 5 bar is sufficient, and can also be carried out with non-lubricated air. The repeat accuracy amounts to 0.02 mm.

High process safety in unmanned operation

The special hybrid design of the module ensures a high robustness at a low weight. All functional parts are made of hardened, stainless steel; and the remaining parts are made of high-strength, hard anodized aluminum alloy. For supply of the clamping devices the module can be equipped with SCHUNK standard media transfers for pneumatic pressure, electrics or fluids. To ensure that the coupling is process-reliably functioning, it is sealed against chips and coolant. Moreover, the cleaning function is integrated as standard for automated operation, to ensure a chip-free flat work surface between pallet and robot coupling. On option, piston stroke and pallet presence can be monitored.

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